[EVENT] Christmas Presents of Smp7 & 77,777r giveaway!

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by samsimx, Dec 3, 2013.


Rather get what console for Christmas / Hanukkah?

Xbox One 34 vote(s) 47.9%
PS4 35 vote(s) 49.3%
WiiU 12 vote(s) 16.9%
Nintendo 3DS 13 vote(s) 18.3%
Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. All I want for christmas is a place to build a house and someone that builds it with me <3 my number is: 112
  2. All I want is for Christmas is Diamond block renamed Cowland's cake and number 32. :D Nice idea!
  3. Samsimx if you want help with getting stuff shot me a pm of what you need me to find :)
  4. ~BUMP~
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  5. Bumperooniedoubledoo~
  6. 123 please
  7. ~BUMP~
    ** Still need people who haven't brought signs to 14008 need to do so!
    ** Also - need more people to donate to some others!
  8. Bump, people don't have much time to donate presents or bring their signs in to receive presents!
  9. Bump!
    UPDATE: You will be able to get your chests December 27th since I just found out I am going on a ski trip. Sorry for that little delay!
  10. Ill take...4, thanks
  11. apparently when I went through the comments 123 is taken so can I haave 62
  12. samsimx actually leave me out I wont be able to sorry for posting
  13. 36 please. I'll give a sign tommorow. All I want for Christmas is a lot of light gray wool for an upcoming project. Love this idea really smart and generous. :)
  14. 169, and i would love some redstone suffz :3
  15. 177!

    I would like to have more promos, and mod/admin heads, vouchers, Boss drops/Marlix armor/Bows,Toothpicks, Diamonds, And other cool rare items!
  16. Um, I don't really understand what this is about atm? In each case I can choose a number, 200
  17. 169 please
  18. 77 please. All I want for Christmas is a gold supporter voucher who will join on the 25th, after I get her her own MC username.
  19. 179 and i want ONE sponge block :D.
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