[EVENT] Christmas Presents of Smp7 & 77,777r giveaway!

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Rather get what console for Christmas / Hanukkah?

Xbox One 34 vote(s) 47.9%
PS4 35 vote(s) 49.3%
WiiU 12 vote(s) 16.9%
Nintendo 3DS 13 vote(s) 18.3%
Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. It's that time of the year again, to listen to Christmas songs, snow days, drink hot chocolate, and everything else accompanying the holiday season. Presents are a highlight for everyone and is what most people think of when Christmas approaches! I was thinking hard making my list, when all of a sudden I thought of how great it would be to get Christmas presents on EMC and figured, why not?

    - Comment below something you want for Christmas, on minecraft, maybe you're favorite block or something that you're in the need of. Something you want but is reasonable price of something to be donated. Maybe a specific block or player head of the sort. To have a chest set up for you, go to 14008 smp7, and throw a RENAMED sign with your in-game name as the new name into the hoppers.
    - Someone will see your name, and then PM me in-game or on the site, then give me the item or gift they are gifting to you and I will give them access to the chest to put your gift in your chest. You can leave the gift for the anonymously or leave a book for them to read. If you are gifting a friend and doing some sort of inside joke of some kind, that would probably make a good present!
    - People may be wondering what if they comment and don't get a present? I will personally go to get you the gift for you (if it is reasonable of course).
    - I will stop taking signs December 24th, and the time to open your chests will be December 26th ( move flag will be turned off after December 24th to allow me to setup all the access chests and get everything prepared. )
    If you still want to gift someone but can't get them the gift they want and would like to give them something else, we can arrange that as well. If anyone can't access Smp7 town for some reason, I can pickup the sign on another server for you.

    A gift anyone can win, I am personally giving away 77,777r in a giveaway, comment a number 1-200 and I will random.org to find the winner!!
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  2. I want diamonds or emeralds...maybe a beacon :) btw #42...great idea!
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  3. All i want for christmas is my new video card! And a duggie, (For Mc, jackbigging head, not sure if this is reasonable or not :p)
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  4. 45! Ill drop my sign off and buy someone a gift soon!

    I would really like some hardened clay. A dc would be extremly awesome, i think it would be easy to get as 1.7.2 comes out soon and the new mesa biomes have lots of clay!
  5. All I want for Christmas is clothes :)
    133 please
  6. This is awesome!
    I want a beacon or a stack of diamonds or any amount of emeralds for hanukkah i will love anyone who does it for me :)
    I pick 22 as my number as well :)
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  7. Can I please get 144?
    All I want for Christmas is 14,459 Rupees :D
  8. IcecreamCow head and/or any EMC promo/exculsive item :)
    52 please, thanks for hosting this amazing event thingy
  9. 17 please
    I really want a phone haha
  10. number 23.

    all i want for xmas is the best drop party ever, maybe an sc of exp potions
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  11. 67 and I love what you're doing here.. :p
  12. 32 I guess I would like a staff head of some sort
  13. 8 please.
  14. 2 plz :D. And I want your head for my collection, and 666r plz :D
  15. 57. I would like a vault voucher this Christmas maybe or money to donate to ert
  16. 176 please.

    I would like a sam head for Christmas doe.....
  17. 158 Please...
    I would like some Brown Harden Clay blocks...
  18. 48

    All I want for Christmas is my family around me ;)
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  19. I'd like a player head from whoever will be gifting me…
    I'll take 172, thanks. :)
  20. I'd like kuraudochuu's and samsimx's Pokemon friend code for the end of Hanukkah
    Err 47 tankya
    Uhhhh you know I could use some of the new flowers too. Those would be nice
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