[EVENT] Christmas Presents of Smp7 & 77,777r giveaway!

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Rather get what console for Christmas / Hanukkah?

Xbox One 34 vote(s) 47.9%
PS4 35 vote(s) 49.3%
WiiU 12 vote(s) 16.9%
Nintendo 3DS 13 vote(s) 18.3%
Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. 123 I would really like a dwight head and/or a beacon!
  2. 189 please :)
    I'd say... hmm...
    About 2.5 stacks of normal quartz blocks could really help me right now :)
    And maybe a player head or two :)
  3. Damnit, beat me to this event. .-. Months of planning and designing worth nothing xD Have fun all.
  4. Bump - Remember, if you want a chest setup for you, you need to bring a renamed sign, book and quill or player head to 14008. ( Your player head )
  5. 21 Please And all i really Want In MC is 1 Stack Diamonds Or 48 Diamond Ore(think this is reasonable) :p Or like a Popular Staff Head (*hint* BigDavie, Aikar *hint*)
  6. I have a lot less signs than posts asking for gifts - you have to drop a sign to get something.
  7. Good job guys! Microsoft is finally where it deserves to be... At the Top!
    (There's a reason why ps4 is $100 [us currency] cheaper than xbox one)

    Sorry to sony lovers, but just so everyone knows here are my reasons for Xbox of Play Station
    1. Better Controller (In my opinion)
    2. Better Online Play (We have never had to shut down cuz of being hacked into)
    3. Halo (Best game series ever, cant wait for 5!)
    4. Minecraft (How can you be here and want a PS4? It won't even have minecraft!)
    5. Kinect (Way better than Play Station Move, that is if the Move will be on PS4)
    6. Facial Recognition sign in (Yeah thats right guys we dont even have to sign in)
    To be fair I have listed (What I know) about PS4 advantages (There is probably more)
    1. Touch pad on remote
    2. 100 us dollars cheaper
    3. online is 10 us dollars cheaper per year (might be 20 actually, I'm not positive)
    Thats All I know. I am sure PS4 fans know more but I am 1000000000% Xbox!
  8. But notice... Look at poor nintendo...
    Did you guys know the wii had more day one sales than xbox 360 and ps3, and yet its not even a main factor in the console war...
  9. Actually minecraft will be out for the PS4 sometime soon!
  10. Oh good for you guys... always one console behind us... but to be fair...
    We were behind you on blue ray...
    There is always an upside to any game console...
  11. Agreed! Console truce?
  12. 4 and I am in need of a 2012 firework or Valentines Rose or Rupees
  13. I would like some iron blocks (I need these for a beacon in my mega mall I'm building) I also need stone bricks My number is 28.
  14. 100 please. I reckon that what i want for christmas is a new desk chair, mines really bad
    EDIT: In MC i'd say that i want a blaze or ghast head
  15. 29, please. I don't think it is taken, but 39 if it is. :) I love what you are doing here! I'd love any used 60k items (even if they have one hit left!) or even a head; whichever is less to ask for. For which head, I would either want a samsimx head or a magma cube head. If those are not available, then I still appreciate what you are doing, a lot. Thanks, samsimx!
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  16. Bump - still have all month to get presents for people on this thread
  17. Are Alts aloud?
  18. Bump - Alts are not allowed to keep it fair to everyone. Still looking for the people who haven't put a sign in the hoppers.
  19. Awesome initiative. Will see if I have a friend to give something to (not much for now tho)...
    I can't access smp7 town lol but I'll try to reach you ;)
    Which video card you want for christmas?
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