[Event] Chocolate's Birthday

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Do you know me?

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  1. This May 14th will be my birthday. I'm fairly decent at PvP compared to many EMC go'ers. So, for my birthday, I will hold a PvP Event. Currently there are 0 of my heads after my name change. I will go into an arena three times, whoever can kill me gets a head. The killer will also be awarded 50,000r. 25,000r will be awarded to a random person who asks any question on this thread.

    Event will take place Saturday, May 14th at 2 PM EMC Time.

    The time may change depending on my schedule. Please let me know if you will be able to attend, so I can move the event around, if needed.
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  2. #MrStealMyBirthday
  3. #MrAlsoStealMyBirthday.....Because I'm older than both of y'all ;)
  4. Will see if i can come.
  5. chocolate is delicious yum!
  6. Gonna try and murder ya choc, done it once gonna do it again :p
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  7. Can I have your monies???!!?!?!??!
    Watch me Rod.
  8. If, somehow, you are able to kill me and if, somehow, you get the random question award.
  9. Monies... m-mm.

    Is it possible for me to beat you in PvP?
  10. Anything is possible, my friend.
  11. Yes, yes it is(for me at least). This isn't dj we are talking about :p
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  12. What is your favorite fruit?
    EDIT: Also happy Birthday Dr_Chocolate!
  13. Oranges.
  14. Bump! Increased the prize to 25k if you ask a question.
  15. whats your favorite chocolate?
  16. Milk. Then dark.
  17. Happy n-day, hope you have a good one!
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  18. Be sure to attend and just simply ask a question for a chance to win 25k!