[EVENT] An Evil (toade) Birthday Party!

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  1. What an EVIL year!
    I am rapidly approaching my one year anniversary, and I want you to celebrate with me!!

    If you want to celebrate evil-style, you'll have to be on SMP1 on Sunday, May 17th, at 2pm EMC Time. The party will begin at residence 1947, but it will be a multi-residence event! (I will announce when and where you need to go throughout the event)

    I will be reminding everyone in game 15 minutes before the event starts via
    TOWN CHAT (for everyone that cannot see E chat due to being in the wild/waste).

    During the party, you can expect to participate in several events hosted by me:
    Color Spleef - Destroy pieces of carpet and be the last one standing.
    Grief Search - Break blocks! If you find a renamed one, you win a special prize.
    Trivia - Answer questions to win rupees and other prizes.
    Maze Run - Be the first to exit the maze to win a prize.
    Treasure Hunt - Be the first to find hidden chests to win prizes.
    Random Winner - Just by showing up you'll have a chance to win a special prize!
    Item Giveaway - Small drop party!

    There are also secret party games with more chances to win promos and rupees.

    Does it sound fun yet? Wait until you see some of the prizes that I have set aside for my party! All the items in the chest below will be given away, including one of each supporter voucher (yes I will be giving away a Diamond Supporter Voucher!) and several promotional items! :D Currently there is over 4,000,000r in rupees and prizes to be won at this event and more after the donation time has closed!

    (estimated prize total, around 7 million at least)

    Want to donate to this magnificent event? Head over to 2525 and donate there, or pay rupees directly to eviltoade! Make sure you post the amount you donated in this thread so that I am aware of your donation. :)

    This will be a large event, so please remain courteous to others for its duration. All chat during the party should be spoken in Residence Chat or Local Chat (during some multi-residence events). Please read all the signs posted for each game and be aware that all normal EMC rules apply.

    I'd like to thank Hashhog for helping me with this post and for everyone who has donated to the chest so far!
  2. *Reserved post for party winners

    After some inquiry and random draw of the remaining players of the spleef round (who did not cheat) -
    the winner was theravenite. IRON VOUCHER

    The winner of the maze was Jelle - GOLD VOUCHER

    The winner of the Treasure Hunt was ttyler333 - DIAMOND VOUCHER

    The winner of the random draw was honestly too complicated to determine as some people bought way too many than they were supposed to; this contest will be reworked in the future. Instead I will be splitting the prize money to the people who did not receive anything from the party, and I will keep my
    head for now, and give it out in the near future for a different event.

    There were tons of promos that were dropped in the drop party, and rupee prizes into the 100k range for trivia. Congratulations to those winners as well.
  3. *Reserved Post for Special Thanks

    I would like to thank everyone who came to the party first of all! I had fun, and I hope you all did as well!

    I would also like to thank everyone who donated to the party; together we raised around 10 million in cash and prizes!

    I would also like to thank Rainbowchin and the Mountain (dwight) for giving me backup. At one point the spleef round got a little out of hand and they had my back, so thank you!

    Other than that I would like to thank EMC for being such an awesome server for us to play on!

    Sincerely though, thanks everyone for such a great year. It has been up and down, and there have been changes and conflict, but all in all, EMC is a wonderful place....

  4. I will try to make it. Pretty excited to see the games in action.
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  5. Does Evil even get older :confused: ... I suppose I will have to see for myself :p
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  6. I'm defo coming! its fab! i hope i win a sup voucher cus i need dem reses!n happy almost b-day :3
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  7. I am going to make sure that im coming. I might give you something not sure yet though :D
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  8. Looks makable for me but there's a final exam 3 days later for a Maymester class and my summer is getting crazier and busier by the second. No guarantees but I'll do what I can. :)
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  9. Of course I will come. (Prizes4me)
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  10. Can one even trust an evil toad? Hm . . .

    Of course I'll be there. You dah toad.
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  11. Umm... The 17th is a Friday for me. Which one was a typo, the date or the day?
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  12. April 17th is on a Friday but the party is May 17th.
  13. Nice!
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  14. Am I the only one that tried to hover over the vouchers to see what they were? :confused:
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  15. Sounds incredibly fun, but it's way too late for me. I hope many people will come though, because I think you doing this is very cool!

    Well, I'm using an iPad, so I definitely didn't have that reflex :p
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  16. School is more important. If you can't come I will save you some goodies :D
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  17. You can see these items in person at 2525 :cool:
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  18. Oh. LOL. I can't do computer on Sundays, and I'll be without computer access that weekend. Can't come for sure. :rolleyes:
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  19. Congrats!
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  20. A Sunday, eh? I'll do the best I can to show up, Mr. Toade! :)
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