[Event] A Treasure Hunt (3,000,000r)

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A random comment on this thread wins...

A block of Dirt 22 vote(s) 46.8%
200,000r 9 vote(s) 19.1%
200,001r 16 vote(s) 34.0%
  1. So what was the one hint that was given? What did the F have to do with it?

    Was it drawing attention to the profile pic, which led to your original dragon egg, which led to your mall?
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  2. I found a couple large golden Fs on his properties that had signs on them
    I had no idea what to do from there though
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  3. The hint led to a sign ontop of my hotel that said "Just kidding, no hints"
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  4. :I
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  5. Does my earlier comment qualify as a random comment? :p
  6. Maybe, and maybe this one qualifies as a random comment as well... :p
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  7. This is cool
  8. Fun idea! Lucky certainly solved it fast
  9. Lucky got lucky

    Solved the last step with a random chorus fruit
  10. Next hunt will not be solved with luck.

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  11. Ah, good for me, because I am a tool myself! :rolleyes:
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  12. Is this our first clue?
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