[Event] 710r+ reward for finding my pet ocelot Emmie!

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  1. Hi gang!

    Roughly 60 days on the Empire and already 600 710 likes on the forum, with special thanks to a friend of mine who went a little bit crazy this evening ;) This calls for a celebration! So yeah, I wanted to do something a little special. The reward was easily thought of: the amount of likes I had.

    So: 711r reward for completing this event (got another like while writing this post ;)). There's also a small surprise bonus, see further below.

    If you're not interested in the story but only want the cold harsh facts regarding this event then scroll all the way down towards the spoiler section at the bottom; that will tell you everything you need to know in a very brief manner.

    My pet ocelot

    Ever since I started playing Minecraft on a server I've had a pet ocelot named Buxie. A nice little critter who used to follow me around everywhere I went. Having him around became so normal for me that I even started cheating a little bit in single player (survival) to give myself a Buxie companion there as well.

    Buxie and me while exploring the Regen outpost...

    Buxie's girlfriend

    Unknown to anyone (not even my friends knew this) Buxie has started dating a feline friend shortly after we set foot on the Empire :) A cute vixen going by the name of Emmie. All very hush, hush, you probably know how it goes...

    Now, today was a rather weird day. I suddenly noticed that I had been roughly 60 days on the Empire and funnily enough I had received exactly 600 likes on the forum. So much silly coincidence just cried out for a celebration, but how to celebrate this?

    B4d5imon's mini village

    B4d5imon, I'm pretty sure most of you know him, has build himself a whole village on his residence 3153. It's also a place where I sometimes like to spend some quality time fishing. And sometimes others also like to join in, which has happened this morning.

    Now, normally you can't bring your tamed animals with you on someone elses residence but because of the somewhat special occasion Simon made it possible for the three of us (Buxie, Emmie and myself) to spend some quality time there and to wander around a bit.

    Everything went just fine until we had lunch in the Inn.

    I don't know what happened, but all of a sudden Emmie was no where to be found anymore. Gone!

    Senior staff interference...

    Needless to say: I quickly turned to Simon to ask for help, and luckily enough he had some spare time and was all too willing to try and sort things out. We spend quite some time on Simon's residence to try and resolve all this, but unfortunately for us (but luckily for you!) to no avail (sorta :D).

    So now I'm turning to the EMC community for help :)

    Help me find Emmie (pet Ocelot) and win a reward!

    The first player to find Emmie will win 711 (stop clicking like! :p) 712rupees as well as 1 Emerald block (seems fitting with the name "Emmie").

    Emmie is somewhere on B4d5imon's residence, you can get there by using: /v 3153 while you're on SMP2. Keep in mind that the entire village consists of several residences. Emmie is to be found somewhere in the village, not necessarily on residence 3153 itself.

    Rules (how to show you've found her)

    It's simple: the first to post a reply to this thread with a screenshot which shows you and Emmie will win. You might want to consider pressing F3 as well so that we can also see your coordinates (or you can post these in the message of course), but the most important thing is that you can show us that you really found her.

    Event duration

    The event will end when someone found Emmie or at most upcoming Sunday night (0:00) EMC time.


    My story up there already contains a hidden hint. But if you guys are having a lot of problems to find her then I shall post a few extra hints as well at a later time.

    Good luck!

    Summing up the event details:

    • There is an Ocelot named 'Emmie' hidden on residence 3153 on smp2; the first player to find it will win 712rupees and 1 emerald block.
      • You can access the residence by using: /v 3153, while on smp2.
      • Emmie is somewhere in the village, so not necessarily on 3153 itself.
    • The first player to post a screenshot here which shows him or her together with Emmie will win.
    • The event will end when someone finds Emmie or otherwise upcoming Sunday night at 0:00 EMC time.

    Important: In the unlikely event that you posted a reply and you noticed that someone else just beat you by 60 (or so) seconds then don't delete your post. If that should happen then we'll work something out.
  2. Ok, I guess a tip is required because it seems that some people are having quite a bit of trouble:

    Emmie disappeared while I was in the Inn, so I'd start my search there. There might be something there which we all overlooked.
  3. Hm... If this'll last until Friday, I'll surely take the time to take a shot!
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  4. Aww. A missing pet is even worse than when dogs kill themselves. :oops: My dog drowned, and I'm going to build a tomb for her. I miss her a lot. I will help look for Emmie. BDMAN45IMON, you should put posters (signs) up around your village saying: MISSING CAT! Named Emmie. REWARD 712 r and 1 emerald block.
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  5. Ok, guess its time for another tip and another (weird) update ;)

    Emmie is in a place where you wouldn't expect a cat to go to; there's a lot of stuff there which cats normally don't like. Also; most likely she'll be able to see more of the environment than you would.

    And lets do something crazy: at the time of writing I'm enjoying 762likes. So; the reward shall be raised to 762rupees with the previously mentioned emerald block (so 9 emeralds).
  6. Found poor Emmie contemplating life in the sewers. :p
  7. And we have a winner! :)

    Congratulations, I shall set up the reward right away!
  8. Thanks! This was a lot of fun and really brought back old memories of sewer exploration on EMC. :p
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  9. You just learnt me a new word, thank you!
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  10. I needed a test post in an attempt to help someone out, so figured that I'd show you guys the happy couple all back together.

    Hmm, seems obvious what the first thing was which they wanted to do :D

    (eh? Noo, not that you silly; I mean eating fish! guess they were hungry).

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