smp2 fishing party @ b4dman5imon's place ;)

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  1. So this morning things were pretty quiet on smp2. I worked on my shop a little, harvested stuff from my garden, traded with my villagers, the usual...

    I got into a small chit-chat with Simon and because I had planned to go fishing again I ended up on his residence. Some other guys were also in the mood for a nice fishing trip, I had some rods to spare, so in no time we ended up with quite the party:

    Semi-live from the EMC spy satellite: the smp2 fishing party ;)

    (with apologies to Simon for "borrowing" his access codes while he wasn't looking :D)

    But the "problem" with Simon's residence / harbor is that sometimes weird things can happen. Weird, scary, things. Like a shark which popped up out of no where and even started floating outside the water:

    In the middle; a shark! :)

    A floating shark fin; a full EMC special ;)

    And the problem with these scary things? That some of the senior staff members, like Simon, are no where to be found just when you need 'm the most :p

    Anyway, as said, we soon ended up with quite the party and players even discovered sea horses in Simon's lake:

    Who will catch the sea horse? ;)

    And just when you thought things got back to normal all of a sudden the floating wither skeleton head showed up:

    Yikes, no one wanted to catch that fish, that's for sure ;)

    Of course, in the end all was revealed ;)

    Simon making sure that we don't litter his beach ;)

    So yah, another regular morning on SMP2 ;)
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  2. Gotta watch out for 'dem sea horsies! They ah wrasslers! :cool:
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  3. Sea-sharks are fine, but land-sharks...
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  4. Haha, that's awesome!
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  5. Has anyone noticed that the moment a mod becomes a senior staff, they also get upgraded to a first class troll? :p
  6. Forget about trolling; what about plain out "vandalizing"? ;) Well, to some extend anyway...

    When I first came to the Empire the town spawn area had redstone portals which would lead us to the different worlds, I think we all used 'm at least once. After the update to the town squares those were replaced with much better looking ones, like ours on smp2:

    smp2 town square / spawn area; reachable by using /town (in town or in a protected area).

    But have you never wondered where the old stuff went to? Well, I know that a "certain" senior staff member snatched at least some part(s) of it and placed it into his own museum ;)

    Look for yourself:

    Just too bad that regular players can't check block history; it would be funny to know when this got placed ;)
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  7. Take 2 steps around the pillar :p It tells you.
    Thats actually the redstone from old OLD spawn, a certain cow (who will not be named for data protection reasons) accidentally placed a water source block at town spawn during a particularly bad lag sessions resulting from some piston based sand generations I seem to remember, I may have just happened to be on hand to collect said portal at the time, totally not planned... :rolleyes:
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