[event] 5 Million Rupee Giveaway + AMA + samsimx

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  1. [special graphic of the title that I am not skilled enough to make]

    Well it's been a wild ride EMC, in a week it'll be a year since I first became a moderator! Today, August 5th is my real life birthday! I am 1160 days old on EMC and have enjoyed every single day. I've met some amazing people that I talk to every day or can talk to any time. Without mentioning names because I don't want to leave anyone out, just shoutout to everyone :p

    SamSimx we don't care, we just want your money!

    Yes you read the title right, I will be giving away 5,000,000r to you lucky fellows. But it's my birthday shouldn't all of you be giving me 5,000,000r?

    Event: 5,000,000r is put into a pool and will be evenly distributed between everyone who entered. (So if 200 people enter 5,000,000/200=25,000r).
    How to Enter: Just comment below a question for me (AMA) and you'll automatically be entered into the giveaway! Let's keep the questions somewhat mature ;)
    Event Duration: This event will go on until August 14th, and I will be giving signed books to everyone as you get your payment.

    I will also be in and out of PvP throughout the day with head drop on if you are looking for a SamSimx head for some reason!

    1160 days old
    Moderator: 1 year on august 12th
    Would just like to say how EMC and a few people really helped me out over these past 3 years, I've grown a lot as a person and think things like mumble helped me go out of my comfort zone and talk to people I never would have. When I first started on sm7 three years ago I only knew three people, now I know hundreds, thanks to everyone who has ever said hi or greeted me, and to the people who I still talk to daily.
    Lastly, would just like to thank krysyy and Aikar personally as they have given us all this amazing opportunity to participate in an awesome community!
  2. AWE. SUM. !
  3. What is the Best / Funniest time you can remember on emc?
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  4. If you won the lottery and got 10 million Pounds/Dollars/Euros what would you spend it on?
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  5. What Caused You To See And Want To Join EMC?
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  6. I was told to click this link.
    Q: On a scale of 1-10, how much does Kanye love Kanye?
  7. To you what is more valuable a Orginal Dragon Egg or A set of Arena blades or bows?
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  8. What's your favourite, funniest stories from your 1160 days here? :p

    Also, congrats! Happy Cakeday too :D
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  9. Do You like pizza? if so what is your favriot pizza like From ware?
    Happy Birth day
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  10. why should we hail samsimx?
  11. What is your IGN?
    Happy b-day and thanks for the giveaway. I hope no-one enters so i got more $ :p
  12. Happy Birthday and congratulations on 1160 days! :)
    What are the consequences of not hailing Samsimx? :[
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  13. What is the most difficult thing you do as a moderator?
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  14. When you started on EMC what was your ultimate goal??

    happy birthday bro!

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  15. Awesome! Happy Birthday :D What is your favorite part of being a moderator?
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  16. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
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  17. why do people hail you ?

    happy birthday on 1160 days :p
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  18. What is your your favorite food.. that you can cook your self (givus recepie)
    And favorite food somone else makes for you
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  19. AGA
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  20. a silly caden built him a statue :)

    Happy B-Day sammy,
    Do you have any goals for later on?
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