[EVENT] 4266 Opening and Giveaway :D

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  1. Thanks to everyone who went to the events, hope you liked it!
    Shop at 4266, donate if you want to, and have a nice day :cool:

    Hello EMC people!
    As some of you might know, I've been working on my Mario themed shop on smp2 for some time, and I'm glad to say that it's finally done!
    To celebrate the opening of it, I'll have a small event.

    What exactly is this?
    It's a giveaway/scavenger hunting, where I will give out some items and rupees.
    I will hide chests in the shop, and you guys will have to find them.
    Note: I will only place the hidden chests some minutes before the event, due to the world downloaders out there (World Downloader is NOT allowed in this event).
    Anyone can participate.

    When will this happen?
    Tuesday, March 12th, 7 PM EST, Midnight GMT.

    Where will this happen?
    SMP2, residence 4266.

    The prizes are:
    1 Diamond
    2 Diamond Blocks
    1 Wither Skull
    1 Enchanted Diamond Pickaxe (Eff V, Unb III, Silk I)
    1 EMC Valentine's rose
    2 EMC Vault Vouchers
    10,000 rupees

    I accept rupees donations both to my shop and to the prize list (If you're going to donate, please specify if you are donating to the shop or to the giveaway).
    Thanks to Silken_thread for donating enchanted pickaxes, swords and diamonds to the giveaway!
    Thanks to ninjaboy5656 for donating 10 god swords to the giveaway!
    Thanks to eklektoi for donating 2 valentine's roses and 2 enchanted items!
    If you have any questions related to this event, make sure to ask them.
    While the residence isn't open, you can check out the outside at 4265, there's a viewing platform.
    I hope to see you there :)

  2. Wow, third! I've been begging for this to open for a while :p
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  3. Ill be there hopefully,
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  4. I'll be there ... btw if anyone gets tired of the front view of the res - i made a viewing area on the 'backside' of his res :3 4267
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  5. dem overalls
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  6. Do you think you could move it to 7:30?? Please for a great friend :) I have soccer :(
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  7. I honestly can't, I'm sorry.
    Just hope people take over 30 minutes to find the chests :p
    But don't worry, I'm sure there'll still be something cool left after 7:30 :)
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  8. WINK WINK *cough* save me something *cough*
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  9. I added a countdown for people who aren't good with timezones :p
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  10. Sounds cool I'll try and be there :)
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  11. Wow, that looks awesome. I'll try to make it.
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  12. Awesome, hope to see you guys there!
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  13. 24 hours til the event :D
    TIP: Don't forget to bring some ender pearls, you might need them :cool:
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  14. Tip of Tip: If they don't have any they could always buy some from you :3
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  15. Great! This seems cool! I hope ill be there I have a soccer game too but idk if it will be done in time anyway hope to see u there
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  16. the something cool left over will be his shop and the statue of mario good nuff
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  17. Too bad, I won't be online :(
    The voucher are very tempting.
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  18. 7 more hours guys!
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  19. I have seen this and thought it was a fantastic build well done Matheus I will donate some items for give away's. I will put them in a chest at my res 13131 smp6 just inside main entrance. Maybe you could use them for players that come late or what ever. :p
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  20. Awesome! Congrats on opening and it looks awesome!
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