[EVENT] 2015 EMC PvP Games

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  1. Event Type: PvP
    Event Description: This Event is for ANY players to Battle!

    Event Time/Date: May 1, 2015 7:00PM EMC Time, this CAN be changed if there are x people wanting a change!

    Event Location: /pvp on SMP6!

    Rewards: Promos Such as: Cupid's Bow, ORE BUSTER, Non-Used Cupid Spawn Egg, Blizz-Ard Nose Rupees And More!
    Donate to 18443! Please Pay Rupee Donations to Wolffpack58!

    Why We Do this: I do PvP Events to let players who don't really have the time for other events or for players who don't like Mob Arenas, The lag of Drop Parties, ect. I will continue to do events like BOTS PvP but I want to have a HUGE PvP Event!
    What I want to Do with this Event: I wish to expand this like I did with BOTS PvP. With this event I want players to improve their skills at PvP and let them Battle one another.


    Be Sure to shop at 18443 on SMP9 for your PvP Needs!
    I think I broke the Spoiler >-<
  2. This Has been Saved for Winners
  3. This has been saved for Screen Shots
  4. Ill come if I can make it.
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    Google Form Has Been Updated!
  6. Bump! Besure to answer the forum if you plan on attending or if you want a time change!
  7. How long is this event?
  8. 1-3 Hours
  9. Im usually on around 9pm central time, so I could show up in the middle of or after the event, depending on when it starts.
  10. How can you tell if someone re-joins?
  11. I'm guessing the time was removed from the original post? But if its around 8pm est I will prob be at work. for this though I would def ask for the day off :D Don't let bitemenow15 come, too OP lol.
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  12. What do you mean? Also, bump
  13. I filled out the form :p
    Too bad it's so late for me (1 AM).
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  14. I mean how can you tell who wins, if someone beats someone they can just re-join and you'd never know it.
  15. I am going to document the kdr
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  16. How OP is he really?
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  17. Too op XD
  18. What enchants does he have on his gear?