[EVENT] 1 Year Melon Party!

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  1. /simplepost
    It is my one year.
    We will party hard with melons.
    Wed-nes-day the 15th, 7pm EST, 12pm GMT at 2222 on smp1.
    I will be dropping melons, a melon head, and a nick5013 head.
    After the party, there will be a story time on the history of the melon and the nick.
    There will also be a few double chests of FREE MELONS that will be refilling throughout the party.
    So be there or be square like a melon.
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  2. FIRST!!! XP yayz

    nick's face is pretty


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  3. Dyslexic?
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  4. When i first saw the title i was like "oh god". I need to know what the melon story is :D
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  5. nick pl0x mass produce the melon story!
  6. Sadly I can't come too late :( But you guys that can go have fun! :D
  7. -snippety snip- Let's not be rude and spam up other people's threads with advertisements, mmmkay?
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  8. Wednesday, can't make it. Sorry. :(
  9. Who cares, if you're not broke, those 2,5r don't really make a difference :p

    But anyway, I'll see if I can get there :D
  10. That's 4 AM for me...
    On a school day... ;_;
    Time to leave this account afking overnight on 2222!
  11. I wish I could come. :( But good luck! If you need anything (though it sounds like you just need moar melunz) let me know! :)
    And yes, after the party, you should totally start selling books on the history of melons in your melon shop. I could see a few different titles, actually:
    Melon History (History of melons on MC and EMC!)
    Melon Farming (How to farm melons!)
    Melons and Me (Fictional Story or story of Nick5013!)
  12. Totally going to be a melon and be there
  13. Melons are round.
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