[EVENT] 1 v 100 | You will die and it will be glorious

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by JackBiggin, Nov 6, 2015.

  1. TIME: NOW (ignore the time in the banner)
    WHERE: Mob Arena - SMP5
    WHY: Watching zombies fluffy bunnies kill people is fun

    This is a shorter than normal test. Things WILL go wrong. We'll be finished before something fishy starts.
    You need to watch the stream at http://beam.pro/ElectricHamstar

    I feel like killing people. Lets kill people. 1 v 100 is the bestest event ever. The idea is that one at a time, a braveish adventurer (that's you) enters the arena, and runs away from 100 super scary zombies. We all get to laugh at their complete failure, and whoever survives the longest wins an "amazing" prize! Don't try to kill the zombies though... they have a magical curse on them to make that harder than you'd expect...

    Oh, and of course, no items allowed. Because that would be too easy.


    Entry details will be provided at the start and periodically throughout the event. Please don't PM staff asking how to enter and stuff - just keep an eye on Mob Arena chat. It's super simple if you follow our instructions.
  2. I read TV100 at first and thought that the StreamTeam was having an awesome series on the front page.

    This is good too.
  3. Yay! Sounds like fun Jack!
  4. Ohh a redstone torch ... I'm in.
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  5. Sounds cool. I will try to make it
  6. Aw no killer bunnies? XD
    Can't wait to come
  7. Nice! Sadly I can't make it. Hope everyone has fun!
  8. This sounds like fun do we lose items when we die?
  9. Items aren't allowed, so nope :p
  10. Teh Zambie Apocalypse is among us!
  11. lol sounds good, hope i make it
  12. I need the redstone torch and wool
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  13. I need 56,820 redstone torches. I need this...
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  14. I want to make a statue though!
  15. Welp, here enters PenguinDJ to win this...I assume ._.
  16. Ya should just change it from 'Mob Arena' to 'Give Penguin Your Items'.
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  17. Mob arena skill will help you in literally no way at all. :D
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