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  1. Europa Universalis IV

    So If anyone has ever played EU4 you may understand the extraordinary addictive nature of this game. I have easy sank over 1,000+ hours into EU4 and played an nearly every nation in the game. The Game spans from 1444 - 1820ish where you play as a nation and try to survive the ages of exploration, renissance, protestant reformation, enlightenment, and age of revolutions. You can play as any country in the world. My favorite along with almost everyone else's is Byzantium. The last bastion of the Roman Empire. It's one of the most difficult starts in EU4 but if you achieve success against the Ottoman Empire it can be one of the most rewarding. Or defending the Aztec empire from the Invading Spanish Conquistadors. So my question to EMC is what is your most memorable campaign? What was your favorite?

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  2. I've played thousands of hours of Crusader Kings 2 and Victoria 2, but I've yet to properly get into Europa Universalis IV. I played a little bit as Great Britain in the French Revolution start date and took a good portion of the Thirteen Colonies back and expanded British tendrils into the Indian subcontinent, and pretty much pried open Asian and South American trade, but that was about it.

    I've always wanted to do a CK2 -> EUIV -> V2 mega game though, and I'm in my last fifty years of my current CK2 game, so we'll see...

    Have to agree with you on the Byzantines though. I've always loved fending off the Turkish invaders, toppling the dominance of Catholicism in Europe and replacing it with Eastern Orthodoxy, uniting with the Holy Roman Empire (and promptly abolishing it), and reforming the Roman Empire in CK2. I assume that translates even better in EU4?
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  3. Sounds interesting! When seeing the title and the most recent poster, I thought we might have a new role-playing forum game... :p
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  4. Stellaris ftw!
  5. Civ 5 all the way
  6. I've actually been thinking about making another New Nations thread, but I don't think the right audience is on EMC anymore.
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  8. I think you're right.
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  9. I've been playing this a lot recently. I decided to try my hand at a game playing as England just after the Thirty Years' War.

    It's hard.

    Everyone hates me. Despite King Charles I being the King of Scotland as well, they hated my guts, his wife's home country of France hates me too, and Spain refuses to co-operate with me. Furthermore, I started dangerously close to the time period in which the English Civil War took place.

    I've started off by finding Australia and beginning the colonisation of Argentina before Spain can reach it. I currently have the provinces of Tierra Del Fuego, Kaweskar, Florida Blanca, and the Falklands in my hands; over in Australia, I own the island of Parederme (Tasmania) and Yuin (New South Wales). I also started with a nice foothold in India, and obviously I still have a loyal Thirteen Colonies on my side. I invaded Scotland and unified the English and Scottish thrones, forming the Kingdom of Great Britain. The colonisation side of things is going great.

    Foreign diplomacy got slightly lopsided. The Netherlands became a great power, immediately rivalled me, and stole my North Sea trade power. That could not do - I declared war on them, invaded them, took my trade power back, and stole East America (the area that includes New Amsterdam/New York) off them, as England did in real life, as well as the chunk of Florida they'd decided to colonise. They lost great power status about as quick as they gained it.

    What I'm having trouble with is domestic issues. I managed to appease parliament and granted them more seats, so I could keep my stability up and avoid the English Civil War. Then my heir, Prince Charles (the real life King Charles II, who restored the English monarchy and ruled until old age...), was killed by his horse at the age of fifteen. My stability dropped. Then I got a famine event, which further dropped my stability. I was now barrelling towards the English Civil War and I began to suffer the national disaster of 'internal issues'. This screwed me up even more by causing peasant and nobility revolts every two seconds. I just had an event fire that removed the legitimacy of my government and made the British people hate King Charles I. I have just twelve months left until the English Civil War begins... in 1653. The real life one lasted from 1641 - 1651, so I have to be doing something better than my real life counterpart, right?
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  10. You need to spend money and tech on development and just keep a strong army and pray for better events. Cause you kinda got a little screwed. You did much better than real life England.
  11. Kinda failed at that. Scottish separatists rose up in revolt in South Scotland and Gaelic separatists in North Scotland. The Irish rose up in revolt in South Ireland and North England fell to rebellion trying to put someone else on the throne. The Civil War arrived and King Charles instantly lost - Cromwell took the throne, rejected the crown and established his dictatorship that lasted about two months before Scotland, Gaeldom and Ireland got independence and the monarchy claimant took the throne back. I decided to start over :p

    Started off after the Civil War. Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell began the colonisation of Argentina and annexed Gibraltar from Spain in the Second Anglo-Spanish War. He died and now England is a republic with elections (I also appear to have destroyed parliament) - hopefully this spices things up during the Age of Revolutions.
  12. This game seems really sophisticated! ... if that's the right word... probably not.
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  13. It is, and very history-oriented, it is much much much fun if you allocate the time for it :D
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  14. This thread is old, but I just want to say this. I'm sorry.
    Boy were you wrong, ALT!
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  15. This game has taken me all through summer and all through this month. Today, I decided I've finished it. I'll probably convert it into a Victoria 2 game.


    The Turkish state has been pushed out of the Balkans and, mostly, out of the Anatolian peninsula itself, being taken by a reformed Byzantium. It has also been pushed out of the Middle East entirely. Russia has swallowed Romania whole, and Serbia eats into Hungary and has annexed the whole of Albania. A united and extremely large Holy Roman Empire sits in the middle of Europe, controlling all of its resources - they hold the position of 'second most powerful country in the world'. A weird-looking France has tendrils into the Iberian peninsula, with a big chunk of its right-hand side being eaten by the HRE. Spain is wedged between France, Portugal, the British-supported Catalonia, and the British client state of Gibraltar. Venice dominates the Italian peninsula, Sweden and Denmark have created some disgusting borders in Scandinavia, and the Kingdom of Great Britain has united England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland under one banner - they were also the first democratic republic in the world, with an elected president and parliament.

    Eurasia - Culture Map

    Europe - Religion Map

    Protestantism reigns throughout the southern quarter of Iberia, and is the unquestioned dominant faith in Northern Europe.

    The Americas

    New Scotland, British Louisiana, and New England are all British colonies. Mexico is a former colony of Spain, who broke free sometime during the 1700s, had their little peninsula thingy (I can't remember what that place is called) taken by France, and Spain had to try again in North America with California. That weird stain near Alaska is the Netherlands. South America is dominated by an independent Brazil, New Wales (a British colony that owns all of Argentina and Chile), and Spain. The British also own Panama - had to get that canal revenue.

    The Americas - Culture

    Dominated by England and Spain. Some of Canada is still French, the middle of America still belongs to a few native tribes, and Brazil is Portuguese, but... that's it.

    North America - Religion

    Europe 2.0 basically.


    Asia - Religion

    Mostly dominated by Islam, with a few of the British-owned bits Protestant (Bengal, Gujarat, Baluchistan existed as my vassal states).


    Bless the rains.

    Basically, a mess. The British own most of Egypt, have a lot of colonial holdings in the East, with Spain owning Mozambique, a quarter of South Africa, with the Netherlands and Denmark holding the other two quarters.

    Not Seen

    Australia is owned by the British. New Zealand is owned by France.

    That's it.
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  16. I wonder why in such simulations there usually end up being significantly less individual states than in the real world?
  17. I mean, it's not too far off. In the real life 1700s, Europe, for example, was split between Portugal, Spain, France, Italy was a smatter of independent states that were usually under the thumb of France, the Holy Roman Empire (which was a mess of tiny countries that were mostly independent), the Ottoman Empire, Poland, the Russian Empire, and Scandinavia was owned by either Sweden or Denmark at once. Asia was dominated by the Mughals, Qing China that had a united Korea as a vassal state, and Japan was on its way to unifying too.

    Europe looked like this:

    Then in 1914, Europe ended up as this:

    Aside from the Balkans, who had just went to war with the Ottoman Empire and made them look like how they do here a few months before, there's not really any parts of it that aren't part of some large empire. After World War II was over, Western Europe was allowed to balkanise, with the United States and United Kingdom wanting to unite the entire continent under a 'United States of Europe' (ironically, those are the two countries now trying to stop that from happening) in the future anyway. Yugoslavia was also pretty large before it broke apart in the 90s.

    Africa was... basically either British, French, or Belgian. Even those 'independent' states have their government administrations infiltrated by British or French officials and acted in favour of either of those countries, or were even straight up satellite states.
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