ETA of 1.8?

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  1. So I've been curious about this for a long, long time. I know that bukkit has stopped its production of 1.8, but not only am I unsure if bukkit is our provider, but I also don't know if we're still able to convert to 1.8 at all. I think what made me write this was is when I read the reminder about name changes as the top.
    Name Changes on Minecraft are coming soon. EMC asks that you DO NOT CHANGE YOUR NAME until we give you the go ahead that it's safe. If you change your name before we say it is safe, you will lose things on EMC. We will try to be done before its released, but we can't promise that. So wait until the all clear is given.

    I misread it along the lines of this:

    Big Changes on Empire Minecraft are coming soon. EMC asks that you DO NOT SUPER FREAK OUT until we give you the go ahead that it's safe. (at this point I was like, wait what, why are these sillies talking about names? (the rest from here is the same)) If you change your name before we say it is safe, you will lose things on EMC. We will try to be done before its released, but we can't promise that. So wait until the all clear is given.

    So me, being my lazy and poor-with-internet self, decided to ask EMC if they know a release for the update. I feel like this is on some tracker website somewhere. I went to the EMC tracker, but it's either a really difficult website design to follow (for a filthy casual like me) or just not there.

    I also noticed that the "next major update" in the development Status on the forums says "Games Server," which would seem a bit more unsatisfactory than a whole 1.8 update.

    My friend also told me that there were just a few hundred "checks" to be made before we're ready to update, and that we'll be, by the current rate of checks, be updated within the week.
    Been waiting for months, and the day I ask, I'm told that it'll be this week? I don't believe this friend because reasons
  2. they'll tell you a week, it'll be at least three months. Here I am still awaiting the release of dragon tombs but honestly I have completely given up on that. Just like you should with the update to 1.8.

    Its not happening, ever.
  3. One thing to keep in mind is that not only is Bukkit KIA, but 1.8 is buggy as all get out. On top of that, the other alternative plug-in software is currently frozen because of legal issues. As Aikar said elsewhere, an update would leave EMC in shambles and he'd much rather put forward the effort in providing a stable, fun experience than blow things to hell trying to force a very flawed 1.8 version into EMC.
  4. Heart relatively broken, but okay :(
  5. There is no ETA, as there is not a Stable version of 1.8 Spigot to support a server like emc. There is also several items that Aikar has to recode to work in 1.8, as well as several testing to remove bugs and glitches from the switch. They will let us know when they have an ETA, but i can see it being 3-5 months at the least still.
  6. Not sure if this is a joke or not. But if it isn't, you are very wrong. 1.8 will be in the next few months and dragon tombs will come out after the 1.8 server update :) Could a staff please correct me if I'm wrong.
  7. No ETA = NEVER
  8. Not necessarily; there's a lot of legal and computer crap they have to sort through. It ain't a linear path to 1.8 and so a timetable can't be set on it.
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  9. This is completely wrong. There is no eta because we just don't know when a stable server version will be released. Please do not crush the hopes the people who may believe you :(
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  10. EMC runs on a piece of software known as Spigot and there is a fully stable 1.8 version of Spigot available. The issue is, EMC has many customisations on top of this core software which need to be added, however the distribution method of Spigot means that this is very difficult to do.

    So until Aikar can patch EMC's customisations onto Spigot and then update all of EMC's custom plugins, we're just going to have to wait.
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  11. I think Spigot has gotten stable now, just I don't have the time to update us any time soon.

    #1 priority is a work project, which im having to work on while at home too
    #2/3 priority is name change support
    #3/2 priority is business stuff for new year (Taxes, Legal requirements, etc)
    (these are same priority, well taxes sort of bleeds into 1 too)
    #4 is then games server rollout
    THEN we will look into 1.8
  12. I know how you feel, I am in college and I have so many Legal papers i have been filling out and mailing. :p
    Kinda hurts my head sometimes there is so much lol.
  13. While me and many others have given up on Dragon Tombs, we haven't given up on 1.8. After all, why should we? It's been a few months, not a few years. I'm pretty content with 1.7 anyway.
    Keep in mind Dragon Tombs has been 'coming out after the next update' for 2 and a half years...
    That's not true. At all.
    Spigot's 1.8 version has been relatively stable for awhile now. They have been threatened with legal action by the guy who DMCA'd Bukkit, but I don't think he can actually do that with Spigot now...
  14. He can continue to take action against the repository as longs it contains his code, but he can not take any action against the patches that Spigot has been releasing.
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  15. Meanwhile minecraft is already at 1.8.1 :O
  16. It doesn't work like that.
  17. Well, never say never but personally I also don't think that's going to happen anytime soon. For starters he'd need to proof that his work also ended up on Spigot, and then one of the basic rights springs into play: "Innocent until proven guilty".

    But more so because I think the reason to go after Bukkit was mainly fueled by disappointment in Mojang. Many people didn't realize that Bukkit was actually owned and run by Mojang (behind the scenes anyway). And I could be wrong here, but in my personal opinion it really looked like settling a score.

    The only unreliable factor is Microsoft. They do have some legal leverage to go after Spigot, but to be honestly I doubt that's going to happen. Doing so would seriously damage the game's reputation, and if they still want to make some money out of all this then I think they'd better not tick off the Minecraft community even more than Mojang did.
  18. Yes, but don't make the mistake of solely focusing on version numbers. nfell2009 already said it, I'd like to elaborate a little more..

    Minecraft basically follows the "version strategy" which most software does: major and minor updates. A major update (like going from 1.7.x to 1.8.x) is where lots of changes happen. Like with Minecraft: bunnies, guardians and ocean monuments were introduced.

    A minor update on the other hand (like going from 1.8(.0) to 1.8.1) doesn't. That usually focusses mainly on bugfixes and optionally small game adjustments. You can see for yourself on the version overview page.
    As you can see some changes include mobs stopping to run away from creepers, being able to extend potion of leaping, rotation of dropped items, etc. So usually small changes in an already different environment.

    And although those are still changes, they're normally also a lot easier to implement.

    So, generally speaking, a minor upgrade should pose much less issues.
  19. Just because I'm curious about the priorities list.

    Are most people aware that the game server has higher priority than vanilla game content? It surprises me, is all.

    Would most the players on the server rate the game server as a higher priority than 1.8? I'm not against a game server or anything, it just feels like to me the priorities are a bit backwards. Maybe I'm in the minority though?
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  20. I don't think you're in the minority. I don't know anybody who wants the game server or will even bother to use it when it comes out...

    And, to be perfectly honest, I wouldn't go to EMC for things that I think that the games server will be used for. There are already other server networks dedicated to that stuff. When I joined EMC, a main selling point of it was it was 'French vanilla' and it was fun without PvP and stuff like that. Over the past year or so, it's been getting less and less vanilla (which isn't necessarily a bad thing) and things like PvP and various other things have been introduced.