[ESTABLISHED] The Glade of Light Settlement SMP1 Owner Bevvydoll

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  1. Outpost Name: The Glade of Light

    Located on SMP1

    Owner: Bevvydoll
    Co-founders: IIFameHD and FlipFlopPhil
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  2. Hi there :) if you can send me the cords to your locked chest I can take a look at this for you :)
  3. I sent them to you in a private conversation. Thanks Carolmoss!

  4. Pics of the settlement? :)
  5. Congrats :) you're established :)
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  6. It is still under construction, sorry! :)
  7. Here is the settlement so far FacepalmRhy :)

    Lots more to be built, but we are making lots of progress!
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  8. So glad to see these kinds of projects in the frontier. Those build look amazing!
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  9. Thank you! We have a lot more to build and then we will be making resident plots for people to join our city! We have worked hard getting it ready.
  10. Now featuring the first ever slot machine in the wild approved by Eviltoade