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  1. The
    Walled City


    CURRENT FOCUS: Building the Wall
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    Nest is a planned outpost, to be built in the Frontier of SMP3. Here's a map.

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    TL;DR: We're going to wall up a jungle, and build farms, mines, generators, and epic builds in it. If you want to help, post below!


    I've claimed peripheral areas (Dependencies) to avoid people building basically beside us. But feel free to build within reason outside of our boundaries.

    A Nether Tunnel and a path to the future city entrance has already been constructed. We plan to create a cobblestone wall first, by picking out all the trees on the boundary, and building smaller walls between them. Then, we will build internal pathways between each of the Boroughs of the Walled City (i.e. North, South, East and West Nest, and the Core), and fill out the Boroughs of Nest with builds relevant to their zoning. We'll also seek to lay Rails in the tunnel, and create a Nether Metro to each Borough and Dependency.

    • North Nest: Underground Quarrying & Stone Production
    • South Nest: Crops
    • West Nest (god I love saying that): Animals
    • East Nest: Tree Farms
    • The Core: Epic Builds. We'll be looking to make it look as cool as possible.
    Themes of the Outpost
    1. Social responsibility - Collective builds and community projects, rather than individual houses, will be prioritised and encouraged. Citizens will be 'Volunteers'.
    2. Protecting the surrounding environment - We won't take down any trees unless they're blocking the way, and seek to replant where we can.
    3. 'One step at a time' - rather than splitting everyone up into different projects, we'll have everyone focusing on the one project (the Focus), and putting them all onto another project when that's done.
    4. Central control and planning - Not building willy-nilly - planning builds and projects ahead of time.
    5. Efficiency - making sure it's as easy, safe and simple as possible to actually get to Nest. Scheduling ahead to make sure we're all on at (roughly) the same time, to get more done and have more fun. Planning an Agenda so everyone has a role when we are on.
    6. Gamification - creating a points system, to reward people for completing tasks, and having a Leaderboard to add an element of competition. Making sure people are rewarded for contributing to the Focus, and not veering from it.
    7. Attractiveness - creating an outpost which can lure people out of Town, and which has something for everyone, regardless of how they play.
    As mentioned, members/citizens of Nest will be known as Volunteers. In most outposts, players give their time, energy, effort and rupees/possessions to the advancement of the outpost as a whole, without necessarily expecting anything in return. They take on the outpost as their own. Calling our citizens Volunteers emphasises this.
    Volunteers will have the right to build stuff for themselves in the Dependencies and (with permission) the City, and have a say in how Nest is run. Building within the city will be controlled, but players are free to build as they please in the peripheral areas, so long as they don't infringe on the builds of others. Only Volunteers will be permitted to use the various farms, quarries and facilities of Nest - outsiders will not be allowed.
    Politically, Nest will be owned collectively by its Volunteers. In practice, I will lead the nation, as President. I will be President until everyone wants me out. As President, I will appoint five Mayors to manage each of the Boroughs. Each Dependency (Southbog, Eastern Woods, etc.) will be led by a Chairperson, elected by everyone whose main residence in Nest is there. The five Chairpersons, between them, will select a Vice President to lead the Dependencies and assist me in my role as President.
    Interoutpost Relations
    We'll be seeking to build and accept embassies from all other active outposts. In addition to this, we want to construct the EMC United Nations, with goals including:

    • to develop the outposts of EMC, including:
      • more people living in outposts
      • more people visiting outposts
      • more people buying and selling with outposts
      • more people building in outposts
      • more people active in outposts and their events
      • more people knowing about the outposts of EMC
    • to assist players who wish to create their own outposts
    • to raise funds for new developments in outposts across EMC
      • we will have membership fees for each outpost depending on their size, and redistribute this money into developing smaller outposts
    • to foster collaboration between outposts and improve trade, transport, and other links
    • to create dialogue between outposts and help smaller outposts be represented in the wider outpost community
    • to help dismantle outposts which have fallen inactive (with the permission of owners), and to help members get involved with other active outposts
    The EMC United Nations will be made up of a General Assembly, made up of one representative per outpost, and a Parliamentary Assembly, with elected members proportional to the size of each outpost.

    Thank you for reading, I'll add more info to this post as time goes on. I hope you'll be interested in joining!
  2. This sounds awesome. These kind of projects are really exciting in what they could become. I hope it takes off and I would like to join.
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  3. Hey! I'll send you directions now.
  4. Of course you'd be the one to make a wall :p

    Sounds pretty interesting, I'd like to see what's going to happen with it.
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  5. Would you be interested in joining, or even visiting?
  6. I want to join!
  7. why smp3 tho
  8. Would LOVE to join! :) ( Im a smp5 player but i hope thats not a problem right? :D )
  9. Hm, seems interesting, I'd care to join, can never have too many outposts amirite, This will make 4 outposts im part of :p

    (Underhelm, this, the personal TTMOF outpost, and my own personal one)
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  10. I will think about joining after finals(which are next week). I have too much time on my hands anyways... #ConcordiaForever.
  11. Unfortunately, I think I'm doing some other stuff on SMP3, sorry
  12. That's unfortunate. Hopefully we can find some way for you to become involved in future!
  13. What is the purpose of the wall? :)
  14. Volt, how is this wall going to be done? Cobble walls? x block high walls? If its something like a 5-6 block tall wall, I'd love to perhaps try and make the wall visually appealing with a mix of cobble, stone brick, and andesite
  15. With regards to the materials: we can do that. You've gotta keep in mind I have never been that good at building, my focus has always been general design ideas and organising communities.

    As for the height: I was thinking we make the height variable. The idea of the wall is it will be integrated with the trees bordering the jungle, so we'll pick out the trees first, then build small wall segments between each one. I intend to make the height of the walls match the height of the trees, and where two trees have different heights, we make the wall slope at the top accordingly.
    Also, I'll shoot you a message about directions!

    Also, I realise I haven't addressed any of the other questions:

    Aesthetics. To give the city a bit of character. I live not far from some of the last remaining intact and complete city walls in Europe, they're very nice.

    No problem! I'll shoot you a message ASAP.

    Will send a message soon!

    Because of reasons.

    Will send a message soon!
  16. Can it be like a medieval town? Or just like lots of towns. Modern and medieval and futuristic!! :D
  17. We'll give each borough/dependency some design autonomy :)
  18. We're going to be using Slack to organise Nest! It's at nestcity.slack.com.

    As a general rule, if you're on the Slack, you're a Volunteer of Nest. We'll use the Slack to determine who will be on at what time, and carry out private outpost discussions.

    I'll send out invitations now!
  19. Bump! Anyone else interested in joining? :)