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  1. This sounds awesome. These kind of projects are really exciting in what they could become. I hope it takes off and I would like to join.
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  2. Of course you'd be the one to make a wall :p

    Sounds pretty interesting, I'd like to see what's going to happen with it.
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  3. I want to join!
  4. why smp3 tho
  5. Would LOVE to join! :) ( Im a smp5 player but i hope thats not a problem right? :D )
  6. Hm, seems interesting, I'd care to join, can never have too many outposts amirite, This will make 4 outposts im part of :p

    (Underhelm, this, the personal TTMOF outpost, and my own personal one)
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  7. I will think about joining after finals(which are next week). I have too much time on my hands anyways... #ConcordiaForever.
  8. Unfortunately, I think I'm doing some other stuff on SMP3, sorry
  9. What is the purpose of the wall? :)
  10. Volt, how is this wall going to be done? Cobble walls? x block high walls? If its something like a 5-6 block tall wall, I'd love to perhaps try and make the wall visually appealing with a mix of cobble, stone brick, and andesite
  11. Can it be like a medieval town? Or just like lots of towns. Modern and medieval and futuristic!! :D
  12. I joined the slack
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  13. Hey Volt, you trying again? And I'm sure the walls will be decorated with lava. Because y'know, those walls are always relevant. :p
  14. Processing claim.
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  15. I would love to join!
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  16. I am fine with you guys settling so near my outpost. Please though be considerate towards my creations: the mob farms.
  17. As a player with 2 small bases within the Building envelope (3k), I am officially declaring my lack of protest for this. I think its a wonderful design, and look forward to visiting the post to check progress. This, of course, providing that those who would be involved with the project respect (should they find) my handy-work in the course of exploration, and recognize that it is the work of others. While I see no immediate danger, as my camouflage and locks protect me, as with projects of this magnitude, it takes a Village .....and we all know what they say about Villages ;)

    Good Luck !!!!