[Est. Outpost] Madwood Point

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  1. Madwood Point

    Outpost Builds:

    - Welcome Center (in progress)
    - Zombie Grinder
    - Skelly Grinder
    - Barn/Stable/Pen
    - Potions Brew Hut
    - A few walk paths
    -Office Building

    - Storage/entrance to outpost
    -Nether rail line (in progress)
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  2. My Home @ Madwood:

  3. Reserved for future news
  4. Since this is a new thread. I thought I'd point out that my Outpost has outposts. lol

    Cause who wants to be stuck in just one place. This is where i grow jungle trees, because why not.
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  5. I've got an wool farm near the outpost for different colors. You never know if your going to build giant player/mob statues everywhere but it helps if your prepared.

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  6. Had are first Momentus at the wool farm today. He didn't drop anything good. But i did manage to squeeze a nice chunk of tokens out of him. So that was a bonus.

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  7. Been doing some further exploring and found two dungeons close by. One spawns Skeletons and the other cave spiders. I'm kinda feel renewed with this discovery. A chance to expand my first outpost into something now.
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  8. With this new /buildmode and the fact that I have become more inspired to build up my outpost I've decide it's high time I had a proper stable for my horses.
    So In buildmode I've been shuffle this mega barn together. It's not finished but I've got the main entrance and stable section completed.

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  9. Changed from 7 Saints Alley to Madwood Point per OP request.
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  10. Thanks so much.
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  11. smp7
  12. Well I've made the first of a few grinders to come. It's not the best looking but it sure does the job.

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  13. I'm going to need to build a church. I'm being over run with Zombies. We need some priests to convert rotten flesh into emeralds.
    So the church is to house the priests near the newly discovered Zombie spawner/grinder.

  14. Build the church directly above the grinder and have the zombies get pushed through it by water :p
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  15. I didn't think of that. I like it, it'll kind of be like the walking dead. Yes, lol
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  16. I tried but failed. The baby zombies wouldn't go with the flow...lol

    So The Zombies now drop into the Church basement. ( Church to be built later )

    Just had " The Shining " moment........TWINS !!!!!!

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  17. Documenting my first Zombie grinder. The first hardware to be dropped by the dead heads.

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  18. The afk room is right under the zombie spawner room and next to the food rooms. ( All which will be under the church when I build it. )

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