[Est. Outpost] Madwood Point

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  1. Madwood Point just had a guest and left some goodies.

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  2. Redoing the entire skelly grinder. Is this a good look for it?

  3. Check spoiler to see the old look. New look below....

    The new look...More room for the Zombies to drop down. Seem to spawn better now with the more room.

    Also built a storage room for all the flesh I'm collecting.

    There's going to be a priest villager trading room behind this room....Soon to be built.
  4. The changes you've been doing to the grinders are really nice.
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  5. Thanks!
    I discovered another Skelly spawner...Gonna build it up with bone blocks, magma blocks, and nether brick blocks....When we update to 1.11.
  6. This is the area I'm redoing. Just off the rotten flesh storage room. It'll be where the villager priests are kept for trading.

  7. My new Villager Priest trading post behind the storage room for all of Madwoods rotten flesh.

  8. Leaving Madwood for a while:

    This is what saving rupees looks like when you know you'll be away from your outpost for a while.

    Edit: Took a break for like a day... lol Yet still this shows the cheapest way to lock your chests.
  9. I think that means that twins died to make that pic...
  10. Were they not already dead in the movie?
  11. Movie?
  12. Yeah the little diddly about "The Shining" moment... The Shining is a Horror/suspense movie. I linked a fan made trailer for the film and at the very end of the trailer it shows the scene with the twins. Which is what I was referencing the two zombie babies about.
  13. Ok XD
  14. It's a small build but its only purpose is the entrance to a stairwell that takes you to the skelly grinder.

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  15. It's Turkey time!!

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  16. Been working on a spawn point for my nether portal. Not finished but coming along.
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  17. The post above shows what it looked like before a few minor changes. I'm still not finished but thought it needed some additions.