Equinox appreciation thread

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  1. I'm about to become a well-known member! and lets all be honest, many of us wouldn't be close without his dedicated service. so lets give him a rousing ovation
  2. Equinox boss likes to like things
  3. When he sees this every post will have a like on it.
  4. Well no duh. :p
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  5. The world would be a different place without him.
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  6. Equinox Boss: The "Aikar" of the like economy.
  7. Crazy1080: The "Aikar" of the 3rd Best Moderators.
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  8. If we treated liking posts as an economy, we'd all be like Equinox. :p
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  9. That guy made me a well-known member :p
  10. We have all been Equinoxed' at some point in our EMC lives :p
  11. Finally he got his own thread :p
    We should give him like an award or something....
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  12. I got 400 likes from him or something :p
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  13. Oh my! I never saw this! Apparently, there is red text below this, but if it's not orange and doesn't say like, I can't see it. ;)
    I'm really glad people appreciate that I like every post. You can not believe how happy this thread has made me. Well, think about how you feel after I Equinox you times 10000000000000000000 :D
  14. Wow, how in the world did you never see this XD
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  15. I don't know. I feel so bad for not responding!
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  16. I present you a challenge, good sir...
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  17. :rolleyes: maybe.... ;)
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  18. Aye, i remember when i was equinoxed like a year or two ago :)
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  19. Someone needs to go out into the street and yell they got equinoxed in a busy city...
    People will be so confused...
    Almost like asking someone to rofl with you :p
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