Enraged Zombies

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Qkazooo, May 12, 2015.

  1. I was wondering if anyone else lags from enraged zombies? they are the only mob that i seem to lag from and it confuses me as to why its that specific one.
  2. None that I could notice. And I've had quite a few to chew on (well.. whack on :)). Even with my current non-optimized setup of Forge / Liteloader and mods.
  3. Have not encountered one in 1.8 yet. Could get some feedback to ya when I see one. As for 1.7 prior, I had no lag issues with Enraged Mobs, just despawn issues.
  4. yea ive been experiencing that since 1.8,although how did you get 1.8 forge to work for you shel? it wont for me ;+; i miss it so much....
  5. I had never tried Forge yet, but I could easily get the 1.8 version to work the day before yesterday! :)
    If ShelLuser hasn't pm'ed you yet, you could start a pm including either of us or both, we'll perhaps be able to help.
  6. only issue i had is 5 spawn at once not easy to kill on 10 difficulty. :oops:
  7. Lol. Enraged zombies are extremely hard to kill without bows, that I agree on. Other than that, no issues with lag on my computer, or any enraged mobs for that matter. Also, are there enraged creepers? Just wondering.
  8. Yes, there are enraged creepers.
    They look like charged creepers, and don't die when exploding. When they explode, they create fire and they jump up because of the blast.