Forge 1.8

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  1. Is anyone elses forge 1.8 not working? mine shows the mojang sign but then crashes,it feels so weird playing without mods.
  2. My forge works fine. What forge version are you using?
  3. check that the mods dont conflict each other
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  4. You have to install Forge BEFORE any other mods you have. Install Forge alone, run the game, then close it and install mods (In case you don't know).
    Also, I was having compatibility problems with Forge and Optifine in 1.8. Check to see if that's it.
  5. thats the thing i heard 1.8 is giving other people problems and

    :p yes i did know that silver but thank you for telling me, the only mods i had were damage indicators,better rain & inventory tweaks but the 1.8 isnt taking it for some reason
  6. try removing a mod then launching, put it back if it still crashes, then remove the next
  7. I tried putting Damage indicators in and got this:

    and then when i just put in Inventory tweaks i got this:

    the official title for the forge im using is 1.8 FML7.10.98.1004-1.8
  8. Download that exact forge version
  9. When i tried using that it sent me to game output with this:
  10. To my knowledge better rain isn't 1.8, so try removing that.
  11. I'm hardly an expect here (just started experimenting with mods this evening) but if your "damage indicator" doesn't work then perhaps you should try getting another one?

    What works for me is DurabilityShow, I picked up version DurabilityShow-1.8-2.0.0 from this page.

    It basically shows a list of indicators at the right side of your screen which you can hide with 'h'.

    Hope this helps.