Enraged Guardians and other special mobs

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  1. I made the mistake of hitting a Marlix while traveling and was immediate attacked by several Enraged Guardians and so I died :(
    I read the info about these special mobs but there are no details about their behavior and functions.

    I later went back hoping they were gone and was attacked again and died. I have tried to return to get my stuff several times and even waited a day later and STILL these mobs are still there. I managed to kill about 5 of them but they keep spawning more and more of them. When will this nonsence stop and the those mobs go away and stop respawning. This is rediculas and not a good game mechanic as far as I am conserned.

    Also would like to know... I have heard players say they eggafied these mob types, so how do you eggafy them and is there a trick to doing it? What are the details?

    I am astounded at the lack of documentation about the details when it comes to some things with the way Empire structures this game.

  2. If you want to add me to a conversation and give me the details of the location I will come and kill it for you.
  3. I remember when I first came across minibosses, I was confused, scared, and well dead. :eek: Here's a couple of tips if you want to prevent fighting a miniboss: (a) Turn your player difficulty to < 3. This will prevent minibosses or enraged mobs automatically attacking. However if you attack them, they will still attack back - they just switch from aggresive to neutral. (b) Turn off miniboss/enraged mob spawns with /ps. This will prevent any such mobs spawning around you. However, you may still need to be cautious of previously spawned minibosses spawned by other players. (c) If you see a miniboss but don't want to fight it, try to alert town chat or ask a friend to come and kill him, a lot of players are more than happy to kill these little buggers! (d) If you do end up fighting them there are a couple of tips that helps. Try to fight momentus in water as him and his minions won't be able to reach you if you're under him (I suggest water breathing potions if you take this route). If you're fighting a marlix it's best to try and get him in an enclosed area as then he can't fly away into the horizon or out of sword range. Hopefully this should help. :D
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  4. How do you accidentally hit a Marlix?
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  5. ill help kill it

  6. I'm not sure I agree, check this out. It's all on the wiki.

    If you check out the page on Marlix you'll learn that: It's immune to fire, takes less damage from a sword than a bow, can spawn enraged guardians for assistance (follow that link and you'll learn about zombie & skeleton guardians) and that it has a sporadic movement because it's flying an invincible bat.

    The game mechanics on custom mobs don't differ all that much from vanilla gameplay (though there are some differences of course).

    Tip: /ps. If you don't like mini-bosses and/or enraged mobs then you can use /ps to turn them off. This doesn't prevent you from running into them when they got spawned by another player but it does prevent them spawning because of your own presence.

    Also noteworthy is the difficulty setting in there (also usable as /diff <number>). If the game is too rough for you at this time (and there is no shame in that! these things take practice!) then you can consider using (for example): /diff 1. The easiest setting which most likely help get your stuff back.

    Another tip: use a bed! Using a bed (can also be done during daytime) sets your spawn point. So if you use one close by you'll also spawn close by if you die.

    This only applies to enraged zombie villagers. And the trick is exactly the same as when you're dealing with normal zombie villagers: use a splash potion of harming, then feed them a golden apple.

    It's an vanilla approach to cure them, also see here. Hope this helps!
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  7. I hate mini-bosses. I have killed only one Marlix and one Momentus. Usually I die when I fight them. :p
  8. Eggifying.. Vanilla.. Hah :D