Enraged Guardian?

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  1. I was fighting a Momentus, and some of the zombies that were spawned in were "Enraged Guardians", and did not drop and special items. There were a few that were regular Enraged Zombies, that seemed fine.

    Everything else seemed normal.

    P.S. Does Momentus always drop something? The only rhing I got from all of this was 7 Shiny Flesh.
  2. Hmmm... This is truly mysterious.
  3. Enraged Guardians are the minions summoned by Momentus and Marlix.

    Momentus summons Enraged Guardian zombies, and Marlix summons skeletons.
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  4. The names sound like they should be actual gaurdians.
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  5. that name was chosen well before the 1.8 mob >->

    they were made to drop nothing to stop people from 'farming' momentus.

    People were leading momentus into a minecart then endless farming enraged ._.
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  6. Momentus Guardian?
  7. It most certainly took hours of deaths in trying to get it right. It was a beautiful beast. But yes, the idea was completely ruining shiny flesh value by the day. <3 wise choice.
  8. I can imagine this process was quite the bloodbath too :confused: