Endertopia 2.0 Teaser Video

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by IcecreamCow, May 8, 2013.

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  1. erma gerd cant wait!!!!! Loving the new intro as well!
  2. Do we have an eta?
  3. Like everything else, three years from now. :p j/ks
  4. Now, I thought the cow would be smart enough to know that fly hacks aren't allowed on EMC...

    Anyways, love the intro! :D
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  5. well if I'm right, he can w.e. it in
  6. And isnt this only for supporters...?
  7. We have the main killing box ready. Just need to create the farms and new Ender-Residences. An issue the old ET had was that the "res's" were to close to the box and we couldn't really guarantee that people would follow the half-slab rule to keep the spawns active in the actual kill box.

    What we did/are doing, is protecting 100 blocks out in all directions outside the box and will be setting up our own pre-built Ender-Residences which we'll sell the rights to for rupees. The rights will not allow players to build in them, but will grant them container privileges to what they bought. Prices aren't decided yet but will vary based on size of the res and location, etc. Kind of a fun rupee drain for those interested in having them. They'll retain ownership of those permissions as long as they'd like them as well, though we'll probably make some sort of rule like "If you're gone more than xx days from EMC, we have the right to offer the location to someone else who wants it, etc."

    We should most likely have it up before the weekend to be honest. :)

    And yes samsimx, it's still in utopia, so it's for Supporters. :)
  8. So, before someone comes in raging and being a douche I'll go ahead and ask.
    Why is it that you're able to go ahead and put in land protection at Endertopia but can't put in ways for people to protect their stuff in the wild?

    Why is it this is able to be put in when it's only for Gold and Diamond Supporters yet Iron and Free have to wait for Dragon Tombs, which is for everyone?
  9. Great to see Shaun's new intro put to use finally, awesome trailer!

    So if what you said on Utopia once is correct, you're going to be making this an official Empire.us/Upgrades perk? That's awesome. :D
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  10. The way this is done is kinda super hacked and the system doesn't really "like" it to much. It's not a real "residence" but it's trying to be one. I'm not sure the best way to explain it, but that's the best way I know how to make sense of it (and how it was explained to me).

    This is a project that's really already "done" and there. I just felt like cleaning it up a bit and making it look nicer. Not really something that took any coding knowledge to do. Dragon Tombs, etc. is something that's being built from the ground up by Mr. Aikar so it's not something we can just throw together by changing a few blocks around as I did with this, haha.
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  11. That.



    I really should stay Gold now! :D
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  12. I wosh inwas still supporyer :(
    Edit: I wish I was still a supporter
  13. Finally another good perk of supporting the empire :) maybe it'll encourage more people *wink wink*
  14. I guess it's time to re-support ;-)
  15. That plus make those of us who can't, feel like crud. It always seems that supporters get everything "Oh hey you don't get cool stuff unless you give us money." We've waited since August 2012 or before for Dragon Tombs and land protection, been waiting for wastelands, and the only things done is new res flags that weren't really needed, entities and mobs broken, bug team, flying, charging a ton for stuff, new shop world, vault pages, ender-pearl parkour over smp1 spawn and countless other stuff. We've yet to see anything that benefits everyone besides vault, the parkour, entity limit, bug team and flags. Every time we ask we're told "It's coming, it's coming." Yet we're never told how close or when. "We can't implement it until this is fixed, but we can't fix that until something else is fixed". We lose members from boredom all the time, advertise Dragon Tombs which we don't have, on voting sites and signatures. The only things free and iron supporters get that is fun is Mob Arena and most of the time it's either Mondays during the day when most Americans are in school/at work or Wednesdays when there's a 50% chance it happens and is over with in 30 mins or never happens.
  16. All of which you have stated is true, but origionally (if im right) endertopia was built with legit and nonlegit materials by mods, players, admins. IcC started the whole thing a long time ago ( i think he said that once upon a time....) and then it became sort of a "perk" for supporters. Lately the spawning rates at endertopia have sucked. so IcC is tidying it up for us.

    EMC advertises that they aren't in it for the money. True, the severs wouldn't be able to stay up and running w/o supporters. They advertise these things to grab attention of players, to expand EMC and one day have perks like endertopia for everyone.

    All the small things added are to lead up to the new stuff.

    Also, for those who dont know Aikar has a life. EMC is NOT his life. We could all agree that w/o him, EMC wouldn't be as good as it is today.
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  17. You're forgetting about an awesome FREE survival server to play on at no cost to you THANKS to the supporters. I'm sorry having this makes you feel like crud because I'm tidying up a structure that already exists, and if I could magically make dragon tombs appear any faster, I promise I would, but it's just not possible with what it is. It's taking a ton of super hard work and coding and things that I couldn't understand if I tried, haha.

    I'm sorry if EMC is making you bored, but the best I can tell you is what I tell the few others who have said the same thing. As soon as we humanly can do so, we'll release new stuff. When you look at our record, I would say we've released quite a lot compared to other servers like this at a pretty steady rate, especially for the man power we have.

    However, on the other side, we must be doing something right as well, as we have a lot of players who I can remember from our first few months who are still here and super excited to play on EMC everyday.
  18. I'll try and explain it in a slightly clearer, in-depth way, but will probably fail.

    Imagine the reses in Town as a vending machine. Everything is automated, you just press a button and it gives you the res - just like a vending machine would give you a coke or whatever. It's all automatic, and the system knows what to do with them.

    The reses in Endertopia are like a real shop. You have to go to the checkout, hand your money to the person working there, and have them manually scan your items, sell them to you etc. Unlike the vending machine, it's not automatic at all, and the staff (just like the person at the checkout) have to manually tell the res who the owner is and such.
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  19. Are you still imitating the players who will ask this or are you legit?
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