Endertopia 2.0 Is Not Good Anymore

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Should Endertopia be fixed?

Yes 21 vote(s) 67.7%
No 2 vote(s) 6.5%
I don't use Endertopia anyway so I don't care 8 vote(s) 25.8%

  1. If you are too lazy to watch the whole video, near the middle i show the other parts and how they fail.

    There are ways to fix enderman farms in 1.8 to be more efficient, but at this time Endertopia is not very good.

    What does the community think?
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  2. Does this video have sound or can I just not hear it?
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  3. I did notice it take alot longer to get levels at the farm now.
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  4. Never really like Endertopia 2.0 to begin with. Oh well.
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  5. i don't usually play with sound on
  6. Bro, I know its a public farm and it sucks but the new 1.8 end farms look easy to make from the tutorial.... I plan on building it this weekend with this weirdo named samsimx.

    I shall report back with my finding this weekend.
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  7. I have a code fix on my to-do list that should help the staff fix some of the issues. A slight redesign will be necessary also though.
  8. omg im so famous that my name is in tab :D
    and they should get that thing fixed in endertopia
  9. i hope its gonna be fixed too, i like endertopia. it looks cool but is kinda empty ~_~

    guess i now actually have to work to get xp for my god armor lol! ^.^
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  10. Loved Endertopia, but 2.0 had no need. There was no need for the admin team to get involved with the community project. Seriously ruined it.
  11. They never broke the old one or the ability to make new farms. They just gave utopian players a quick way to farm endermen. Don't like it? Don't use it. It didn't ruin anything. Plus, if anything, the only time admins got involved with a community project regarding this situation was exactly when they started working on the original endertopia, which you say you liked.
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  12. I loved the original one for the fact that it was built by the community with little/no staff involvement. But when they WorldEdit in a structure that had massive plans but nothing much came from them, then I get annoyed. The homes idea sounded okay, but nothing has happened with them. I'd suggest the build team go in and revamp the entire thing. The quartz is definitely an overkill.
  13. A bunch of players have homes in there. You can get one yourself, you just have to pay accordingly and be a diamond/gold supporter. Chicken already mentioned a redesign up there, so that is likely happening.
  14. Got stuff to do and this video showed... nothing. there were more enderman in the middle before 1.8. however it did work then. Now you can do two laps and run into ten enderman. Not only is it more difficult to get xp but the farm that a lot of us used is all but useless. Kinda like that video :p

    Edit: I didnt see the original endertopia but the endertopia that is there now was super useful. I always wondered what was up with the ghost town outside of it though. There are still a few other ender farms that since 1.8 work WAY better than endertopia does now
  15. I have noticed that to :( I very much hope it is fixed!
  16. I'll take a peek at endertopia tonight. No promises it will be fixed quite yet though.
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  17. Just saying you can get to the old ender topia all you have to do is die in the end then ur there
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  18. I have made it so enderman do not teleport around endertopia. (so they seem contained).
    Spawning does seem terribly low though. Will continue to look into it.
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  19. I do believe it is because of it being a 1.7 structure chicken, many end farms and other mob farms were broken when we went 1.8, aikar said something....
    I believe this to be the reason of endertopia ruining, my end farm is slower than a solo zombie spawner yet I could get from level 0-30 in 60-90 seconds pre-update.
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  20. Endertopia 3.0
    The New and Improved 2.0
    Coming to the Empire