Enderman's Favorite Sport

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  1. While searching the new terrain in the 1.9 Update, I believe we have determined the possible sport pick of the Endermen.

    Found this while in the End.


    Feel free to move this if it is in wrong spot.
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  2. ha ha ha, brilliant! :p

    I don't think this is in the wrong spot, EMC is pretty easy on that, but we do have a thread full of funny and randomish screenshots. Check this out:


    Would be fun if you'd join us there as well :)

    But yeah: EMEFL confirmed! (Empire Minecraft Endermen Football League) :D
  3. lol. I don't play football, but I am guessing other (enderman) do? ;)

    And how do you get in the end on emc? Do you need to find a new end portal or are there some already?
  4. You need to find an End portal, and you can use Eyes of Ender to find them.

    Note: portals in the wasteland lead to the Wastelands End, this is where you can also do some "End mining", whereas portals in the Frontier lead to the previously known Frontier End; the non-resetting world we've gotten used to.
  5. Where is the other goal post? Somebody find it!
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  6. Actually, I found the other goal post with its goalie.
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