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Its here!

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  1. Its finally here. The only (slightly) free graphics design service on emc. Featuring over 9 different types of graphics and great service, you won’t be disappointed. Are you ever tired of using novaskin or creating your own not so great wallpapers? Order one now! Ordering can’t be any easier, broken into 2 different steps. Most of my products are free, with a few exceptions. So, let's get to it! (NOTE: If you are on a mobile device, please hold it horizontally to see extra spoilers)


  2. Delivery Times may not be exact below; they are estimations. Usually, graphics get delivered less than the time given below. Some of the styles have Presets. Presets are a way to not fill out a form, just name the preset and I will present the graphic.


    Each of our custom-made avatars, describes each minecraft character to the best ability. Custom with many items and special effects, avatars express your character. With many elements and presets, your avatar will look amazing. Most ordered graphic. PRICE: FREE | Delivery Time: 1-3 days

    Render 2.0 - (Inner Glows, Professional Shadows, Fancy Text, Transparent Background)

    Custom Avatar - create your own avatar, using a form. 2.0 has updated with custom as well.

    Banners are heavily defined with special effects. Glows, lightning, shadows, gradients, and much more are offered in these long pieces of art. With an alternate youtube option as well, these banners can be used as signatures too. PRICE: 8000r | Delivery Time: 1 week

    These signatures offer buttons and a background. Including character models and mobs, these signatures will make your persona stand out. PRICE: FREE | Delivery Time: 2 weeks

    With realistic modeling and zero special effects, these minecraft styled event graphics can demonstrate builders, players, or concepts of your event. PRICE: 2000r | Delivery Time: 1 week

    Also, with zero/little special effects, these Minecraft titles are special text graphics with minecraft models to the side. For some odd reason, everyone likes this simple type. :) PRICE: FREE | Delivery Time: 1-3 days

    Another exclusive type of graphic is the PFG or Player Focused Graphics. These creative models can accomodate up to 25 players. If you have a big team of MC players, send me a PM and I can work on your player team! :D Additional facial expressions can be applied as well. PRICE: 5000r | Delivery Time: 1-7 days

    Unlike MC titles, these are text only graphics. Usually ordered with special effects, glows, shadows, lightning, and more are added into these texts. Small texts like this can make your thread 'pop!' PRICE: FREE | Delivery Time: 1-2 days

    All of these handcrafted, unique wallpapers offer exclusive glows, lighting, and poses. Beautiful pieces of art centers around my service. PRICE: 5000r | Delivery Time: 2-4 days

  3. You may be thinking, don’t I have to fill out a form? To make ordering simpler and easier, I will provide a form later in the pm - so you guys aren’t stressed about ordering :p
    Please make your pm title like this:
    If you are ordering multiple, please format like this.
    Seriously, don't put anything in the actual private message. I will provide a form for your chosen type. Google forms make my life so much easier. :) Click on my avatar to start a convo with me.
  4. Portfolio
    I have so much art from so much people. Here is the new portfolio site! I'm still working on some sections, but it looks great. :D

    Current projects that I’m in:
    Season 3 Wallpapers RENEWED

    1. It is impossible for a character to hold a light source (torch, redstone lamp, glowstone, etc.) without special glows. It annoys me so much to have a character holding a torch with no glows affecting surroundings.
    2. EnderGraphics has the right to refuse service to anyone with a negative or grumpy attitude. Constructive Criticism is okay, but anger and complaints are different.
    3. Please try to have normal, complete skins, not backwards ones.. (Dufne.. :p) It makes my life so much easier.
    4. Please don’t over-order either. If you are ordering graphics way too much, I will give a warning. Please be considerate of others.
    5. WARNING: Some skins may be altered slightly for facial expressions.
    One may ask, how can I support EnderGraphics? When you hear some ask about graphics, please help and link them to this page. I would appreciate it so much. If you don’t feel right taking art for free, you may donate at any time. Just label your payment and I will accept it. Thanks everyone. Top Donators:
    20k Sachrock :eek:
    Q + A

    What programs do you use?
    I use mine imator for slight modeling and lots of editing with GIMP.

    I’m not telling you. :p

    Why did I randomly get a graphic?
    Sometimes, when ordering is low, I distribute graphics as surprises. ;)

    What’s your best graphic?
    Well, I’m still improving in all categories, so wait and see. Idk

    Why are some graphic types free and others not?
    Honestly, I wanted to make my whole service free, but some graphics take more time than others. The ones with prices are more complex than the free ones. Sorry everyone.

    Will there be more giveaways?
    Yes, for the paid options.

    Thank You

    I want to seriously thank everyone who has ever ordered one of my graphics. There are so many sources to get avatars you know (avatar creators, novaskin, etc.), but you guys chose me. That makes me feel very special. Since I can’t thank all of you, I have created a customer list that I will constantly update.
    Thank You,
    (in order of first to last), Zion_Moyer, Lockdown32, Perez2428, NickkG, themoglover, Duckne, RunderF, Skelemas2k16, Eviltoade, Vortixin, ESSELEM, LordessSpartan_, Sealeon, ChristopherJay, Candlewax, ScroogeMcFate, Scarmanzer, MajorHaze, ChristmasTower, FoxyRavenger, khixan, TBirdXmas16, Dufne, HxCami10, NathanRP, FireArrow72, Chespinxmas2k16, Fexu, Aiyard. Raaynn, Lottie1664, AlexC__, Sachrock, Merek_Shadower, Kytula, The_mancub, WolfInAction, PupInAction, LizzieDensiel, CheshireCat, K_Kick, Shadow_dCord, Falloutboy55, Raging_Hedgehogs, benthebobjr, Pigtron2000, SageCreeper, Jay2a, ShadowPeaks, Sydney436, Thefriedmains


    Here’s what others are saying about this awesome service!

    Really Confused?

    This thread is really big, so it is okay to be confused. Just ask any questions on this thread, I will be happy to answer them.

  5. Certain changes or additions to EnderGraphics are listed here. They are extremely important and expand the items and characters of the inventory.
    Past updates:

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  6. I am extremely happy with this service and i highly recommend it if anyone wants a good looking avatar :D 10/10
  7. Just look at my avatar. It's beautiful.

    Oh, and it was hand made by this scrub.
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  8. This is the BEST on EMC!!! So happy with the work!!! Now to follow up on my part with the links. This guy ROCKS!!! EnderMagic is more like it lol :))) +10
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  9. Love this service :D Totally Recommend this service for anyone who wants great graphics. Thank you so much, Ender :)
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  10. My best art will show up here.
    The Enchanting - Wallpaper

    Classic Signatures

    PWU - PFG
  11. I like this idea I might order one of these
  12. This service is wonderful! My signature looks epic, thanks so much :D
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  13. I'm completely in love with this service. Beautifully created and fast service. Of course, being from Ender, the creations are amazing and perfect!
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  14. bump!
    New Facial Changes (see above posts)
  15. Great if you want a well done signature or a finely crafted new avatar. One of the best services on EMC in my opinion.
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  16. bump- updated buttons for classic signatures, since everyone likes them so much.. Looks more modern in my opinion. :)
  17. When I ordered a signature from EndermanMagic I was expecting something amazing. It took less then a day and I had my signature. Now my standards are high but the signature he made was beyond my standards and expectations. It was truly amazing!!
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  19. REOPENING! Sorry about the long wait, lots of vacation :)