Enabling the 'Fly' flag on normal SMP's

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  1. Everyone knows how annoying it can be to build tall buildings in just normal Minecraft survival. Players desire the ability to dream big and build high which can be a problem when we keep falling to the ground to be faced with the task of climbing back up our creations leaving an ugly dirt pillar beneath us. But of course, you shouldn't be able to gain the ability of flight from the start. You should have to prove yourself and suffer the painful falls like all players have throughout our history. However, you shouldn't have to endure this forever. If you are devoted enough, spend enough time online and collect enough tokens you should be able to grant the ability of flight to yourself and others on your residence(s). We should be able to build our reputation and society status up and not just through the friendship of the players around us. We should be able to start off as the newbie of the land, to then proceed to the knowledged player, to then carry our lives to be a genius and a brilliant player of EMC to then finally, after all the hard work, we should be able to become godlike in the territories that we call our own.
    But being godlike isn't easy.
    Everything has a price.
    As an additional bonus for gold and diamond supporters, I think they should be granted the opportunity to buy their way into being a god but at the loss of tokens.
    We have to work so hard to build up our tokens, we should have to work hard for this.
    I'm not entirely sure how much this should cost, but I don't think it should be cheap. We need to prove ourselves and work for the power of giving the 'Fly' flag to ourselves and others within our residences.
    This is just an idea that I had, I'm pretty into it and have shared this idea with a few friends and they have agreed that it would be a nice bonus for Gold and Diamond supporter but it shouldn't be free or easily obtained, which is why I have mentioned paying with a high amount of tokens and not just Rupees.
  2. Reserved for reasons why this can't happen.
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  3. This is what Utopia is for. Dirt towers are fairly easy to destroy after you build one. You can also use a ladder to get up to the top of the tower in case you fall. :)
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  4. Well... supporters have this already... and it's free! Just on Utopia. A server just FOR supporters :)
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  5. Well with fly the game will not make anymore fun because you need to work hard and get a good reward.
  6. I don't think this is a good idea because it takes away the speciality of Utopia. That is the server on which only supporters can claim a residence (and one only) and it's the only place where we can all fly. If you want to build while flying you need to head over to Utopia.

    I'm also convinced that this idea won't happen since Aikar has already stated a few times that he felt that flying on Utopia was already stretching things where vanilla gameplay is concerned. So I kinda doubt that he'd be willing to enhance this even further. Of course one can argue that we can already do a whole lot more in town which isn't covered by vanilla gameplay, but alas.

    But if you have issues with reaching certain locations then you should definitely look into the Residence Transportation System, now known as teleport signs. The moment you're on a location which you want to easily access at a later time then simply use /res tpsign. Then create a sign somewhere, add 'teleport' on the first line and you're done.

    Not the same as flying, but it can make navigating through a build a whole lot easier.
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  7. Aikar has already said no to this many times, and for obvious reasons. It takes away the whole 'survival' aspect of EMC anyway, and is a supporter perk for players who use Utopia.
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  8. No... Just no...