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    Although I really like our name, I always thought EmpireMinecraft.com was too long to type in chat, it doesn’t fit on one sign line, etc. For months I have been searching for a “shortcut” domain that would work for us. I am happy to announce that we have secured Empire.us! You can use this new domain anywhere you would normally use EmpireMinecraft.com, for example web links (Empire.us/guide), server addresses (smp1.Empire.us), live map addresses, etc. The website will still continue to operate as EmpireMinecraft.com, Empire.us is only a shortcut. Enjoy!
  2. very nice, <3
  3. Hooray for shortcuts! Unless it's one of those shortcuts that ends up getting you lost somewhere because you wouldn't stop to ask for directions
  4. Also I would like to add that we a re a worldwide community, don't think of the ".us" as the country, think of it like "all of us" :)
  5. I need some wine for this cheese ;p
  6. Not bad, Justin. Not bad at all.
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  7. if i buy the www.empireminecraft.gr and i give it to you can you atach it?
  8. I am confused of what the purpose would be?
  9. as you say world wide xD
  10. .com is better than .gr
    and :p
    what is .gr? :rolleyes:
  11. i personaly dont like it because i embeded empierminecraft.com into my laptop so everytime i out an E in a search bar it pops up as empireminecraft.com
  12. It doesn't change anything. Its just a shortcut, you can safely ignore the fact that it exists completely :)
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  13. Greece Domain names.

    Fact is, there are tons of domain types and its just not worth it having every single one of them.

    If, however, ANYONE wants to buy an EMC domain name from different countries, you can create a "Domain Forwarding" easily with your registrar. Just point whatever domain you get to the empireminecraft.com domain.
  14. actualy you can visit the empireminecraft.com or the empire.us er the empireminecraft.gr.it will be the same
  15. ok cool :)
  16. I actually didn't realize it was a country code. I read it as "us" not "Unite States" so kudos/derp on me haha.
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  17. Same haha
    I think it's because it's lower case?
  18. It is "supposed" to be a country code, so are things like .me (Montenegro) and .co (Republic of Colombia).
  19. Yeah, but you get website jumping on it for things like love.us or belike.me. All very smart and amusing! :D
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