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  1. Hey guys.

    A couple weeks ago, xHaro_Der made a timeline of most of the large and historic events that made EMC what it is today. I've added the page as a timeline on our official wiki which you can find by going here: http://empireminecraft.com/wiki/timeline/.

    It was fun for me personally to go through this and kind of 'live' through the past two years again via these posts and thought everyone else would enjoy doing it as well. So, go check it out!

    We'll try and keep it as updated as we can, but as for anything else, we sometimes can get easily sidetracked as staff by the tons of things there are to do around here, so please make suggestions to us when you see fit!
  2. Cool! :)
    Edit: First :3
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  3. great :) I have so many awesome memories of EMC!
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  4. Awesome!
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  5. Now i can see how EMC was in the past.
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  6. Awesome timeline xHaro!
    Also, there's a huge gap of total members between 10k and 40k. No membermilestones in between? ;)
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  7. Looks awesome :')
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  8. Great to look back at old memories again :). But I have to ask, why isn't there any mention of the Empire Arenas in the timeline?
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  9. I remember when SMP2 came out, i watched my brother play on it before he went back to SMP1. Than i joined! :D
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  10. I very vaguely remember that. I do belive we should have them again.
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  11. Most of the timeline is based off of the Empire News forum and home page, and the forums were probably added after the arenas were removed. :)
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  12. Thanks ICC and xHaro_der, this will be interesting to see! :D
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  13. Went ahead and edited in some changes ;)
    1st the (re)release of Wastelands.
    2nd the World reset of 1.2.4; That was kind of a big deal
    3rd Eggification.

    So, everyone might look at that list; and think: Hey, those first two make a lot of sense; but WHY Eggification!?

    Well, for those that remember, before eggification; the only way to get an animal in town was to use the /purchase animal command. One fond memory of mine is running through the streets of smp4 with a piece of wheat luring animals back to my residence; since animals glitched out of their pens and pretty well went wherever they went.

    After eggification was added, it become a lot easier to get tons of animals right here on your residence. That bad part of course being the destructive act of 'Egging' Residences. By spam throwing eggs at a residence, filling it up, and causing massive lag for that player.
  14. Oh, the memories! *blinks away a tear*
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  15. ;) If you know what I mean ;)
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  16. I don't see the announcement of the SMP5 Massive Excavation Project on this timeline. Surely we need more cultural events in the history of EMC on this timeline?
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  17. I see a small typo at the horse update part, it says 2014 when it should be 2013. :) Other than that it looks great! :D
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  18. Actually, you guys don't know this, but we traveled into the future when we released the update, then immediately traveled back, just to say we could.

    I mean, fixed.
  19. It would be kind of interesting to include / have another list for some of the less official parts of our history, i.e. Delta Team, major griefings/bannings, the LLO's formation. Would be difficult to decide what counts as important enough to be included though. Looks great though :)
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  20. We would never list things like that. The reason being is that those were bad things, putting them up on the timeline would honoring these behaviors. Similar to giving attention to trolls. If you put something like this on the timeline, people would do horrible horrible things just to get a place in our history.

    While we may know what we experienced, and all of those that were here, they are memories. But not ones we need to glorify.