Empire tekkit?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by finnis00, Nov 23, 2012.

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  1. Hey admins, it would be really fun if you guys could make a tekkit server.
  2. Hmm... No.
    EDIT: And, wrong sub-forum.
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  3. Lol this is been suggested so many times.
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  4. EMC's a vanilla Mincraft community. Sorry, but Tekkit has been suggested so many times and has never passed.
  5. 1. Participate in EMC community.
    2. Gain a LOT of respect
    3. Set up a Tekkit server or have a friend do so for you.
    4. Declare it 'Empire Tekcraft' or something to that effect
    5. Use your respect to get your EMC followers on the server. Do not try to split off. Participate regularly in forums and on the SMP servers.
    6. Try not to become another Copherfield
    7. Have your group lobby to have the server recognised as Empire Minecraft's 11th server, 'tek1'.
    8. Wait for 'tek2-9' to be created by ICC
  6. Fix'd
  7. 9. Don't attempt to take over other servers. empireminecraft.com/threads/1-4-4-update.17849/page-2#post-317799
  8. an d it has ben denied as many times...
  9. and if it where allowed feed the beast would be so much better. or at least disable the OP equivalent exchange 2.
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  10. How many times do we have to say No.
  11. According to you're signature 365 days +
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  14. He actually bundled himself up like that in my families den. Italian Greyhounds average temperature is and average of 107*. F.
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  15. I guesses as much :)
  16. Your*
    Also I agree with this idea. Meet me so we can discuss it on the corner of "NE" and "VER"
  17. Its a no, but I know Aikar said Tekkit isn't out of the question altogether, but for now, it is.
  18. I bet less than 30 minutes before this is closed.
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  19. This has already been tried, I don't think so.
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