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  1. Ready to collect your favorite staff in card form? Want to build your collection and have the best deck on EMC? Let's get started.

    Check out the cards here.


    Your deck can not be any larger than 15 cards, and yes multiples of the same card do count. Trades can only take place on this thread, and only if both players accept. If you want to propose a trade follow the form below:

    Looking for: (Player Name)

    If you wish to accept someone's trade quote their post saying so, you can not accept a trade someone else has already accepted.


    Upon joining this game you get a free starter pack, which contains 1 Celebrity, 2 Known, and 2 Learner cards.

    If you wish to join reply saying you wish too.


    Starter Pack
    Contains: 1 Professional, 2 Known, 2 Random
    Chance of Supreme: 10%
    Price: 1,000 Rupees

    Iron Pack
    Contains: 1 Celebrity, 1 Professional, 2 Known, 1 Random
    Chance of Supreme: 20%
    Price: 2,500 Rupees

    Gold Pack
    Contains: 1 Supreme, 2 Celebrity, 2 Professional
    Chance of Royalty: 10%
    Price: 3,500 Rupees

    Diamond Pack
    Contains: 1 Royalty, 2 Supreme, 1 Celebrity, 1 Professional
    Chance of Ultra Rare: 10%
    Price: 5,000 Rupees

    Order a pack by paying Nccoryg with the packtype as your reason or PM me first.


    Ultra Rare: 50 Points
    Royalty: 20 Points
    Supreme: 10 Points
    Superior: 9 Points
    Celebrity: 8 Points
    Professional: 7 Points
    Known: 6 Points
    Upcoming: 5 Points
    Novice: 4 Points
    Learner: 3 Points

    (By Points)
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  2. Reserved.

    NOTE: This game is not open yet but you can still register.
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  3. First. Count me in!
  4. I'd like to join! But I do have a question. Are these supposed to be collectibles?
  5. Yes.
  6. I like how you implemented our idea this quickly!
    I would be willing to play, but is there a cash award payout since it takes money to enter?
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  7. There may be a weekly payout for the top players with the most points, since the game is ongoing.
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  8. What system is used to determine what cards you get?
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  9. Very complicated.
    Each card has it's own number, so a combination of random number generator and implementing the rare card probability.
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  10. This will be fun! In-game rewards? :D

    Not like rupees or promos, but possibly a piece of paper renamed "Player Card Master". Of course anyone could make one of these, but there would be a list of legitimately gained awards.
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  11. Maybe like a Diamond Block, Gold Block, and Iron block all renamed for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd monthly.
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  12. I want to join and I am well known do I get the celebrity rank, I'm so known almost every staff knows me and I and majority of players know me.
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  13. Yup.
  14. You can find the classifications on the link in the OP.
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  15. Oh so I have upcoming, that is soon to change!
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  16. I just hope in my starter I get myself.
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  17. It would be cool if this was endorsed by EMC and made official, so there would be monthly tournaments, and whoever wins that month or period of time would get a special block.
    It could be like the Empire Games medals.
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  18. This is awesome! I love cool little collecibles. Sign me up!
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  19. Sign me up...
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  20. Currently Planned:

    -Monthly Awards
    • "Diamond Card Trader of (Month/Year)" 1st Place Players
    • "Gold Card Trader of (Month/Year)" 2nd Place Players
    • "Iron Card Trade of (Month/Year)" 3rd Place Players
    • All of these will be represented by renamed blocks and an official certificate signed by me stating the block is authentic.
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