Empire Newsletter: December 2023

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  1. Tis the season for reading newsletters, falalalala lalala la! Happy December to all of my lovely EMC people! :D

    Community Team
    • Build Team
      • The Build Team has a great start on the next event build, which will be released later this month! Keep an eye on the front page for information on when it is open!
    • Contribution Team
      • This month, the Contribution Team is working on preparing MissBonnieParker's blog post from the Blog Post Writing Contest earlier this year! A post will be made on the front page of the EMC forums once the blog post is released. :D
    Developer Team
    • EMC is currently on version 1.20.2, but ViaVersion support is available for 1.20.3/1.20.4. Using 1.20.2 is recommended for the best experience, but you will be able to join with the newer versions.

    Gingerbread House Contest
    Put on your chef's hat and prepare the tubes of frosting! The Gingerbread House Building Contest is back for another season, and we can't wait to see all of the tasty new creations. Check out the contest thread for more details. :D

    2024 Contest Vote
    What contests do YOU want to see next year? A total of four contests will be planned for 2024. VOTE NOW to help us decide which ones to host! Voting will end on December 29th, 2023 at 11:59 PM (EMC time).

    Event Schedule
    • Saturday, December 9th at 10:00 PM (EMC time): Miner Mania!
    • Thursday, December 21st at 10:00 PM (EMC time): Art Class!
    • Friday, December 22nd at 10:00 PM (EMC time): Harvest Day!

    Thank you for reading the newsletter! Happy holidays, and good luck to all of the students who have final exams coming up!

    What is it called when a snowman has a temper tantrum?

    A meltdown!

    Where do the reindeer like to stop for ice cream?

    Deery Queen!

    What do gingerbread men put on their beds?

    Cookie sheets!
  2. Epic, cant wait for the events coming up (praise 10pm events like sun)
    edit: first
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  3. i know more moople has her own live and tings but why does she need to jnprove her self and work on great art and learn tings becouse we need 2pm or 3pm events im disapointed thar more moople does waht she likes and cant just host a event While drawing or making art this would be way more efficent
    we shut also implent this in school gym german and math
    at the same time
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  4. Im just portraying my excitement for the 10pm events. i have a cramped work schedule and 10pm is the only time i can really play.

    Another thing is Moople has her own life, she is extremely busy with both EMC and college stuff. I'm sure she can do 2-3pm events but it would (likely) be too stressful for her. so someone like her needs days for herself. and the fact you say "i'm disappointed that more moople does what she likes and cant just host a event" is extremely selfish, rude, and uncalled for. moople did nothing wrong and should not have to face backlash for having a busy life. As for implementing this into schools its kind of a no-brainer explanation. schools exist for children of this generation to be educated and to educate the next generation. it is not there for the sole purpose of minecraft/other games.

    I think you need to take some time and reflect on yourself and realize that not everyone plays games 24/7
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  5. note it maybe not fairy clear becouse it was in text and not in human emotions
    but this was ment as a funny joke
    but your hole msg is basicly the hole point i was making but in reverse
    also can be seen by the smiley
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  6. Maybe you should clarify next time :)
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  7. note may have explained it a little wrong since i could not find the corect englis words
    but the joke was that more moople makes great tings and probely does great stuf irl
    but more of a silly karin reply
    note text does not rilly show face emotions so i was actuly typing that with a big silly smile so that probely explains somting
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  8. It would be awesome to see an official version of the contest progryck ran, it was quite fun,

    Usually after a few days the only ones left at the event are a few stragglers and a couple people doing speedruns,
    when he hosted this, we got a lot more people showing up, to try speedruns, farm EP, etc

    obviously some of the categories are specific to the event but
    -post a picture of yourself next to a hidden easter egg
    -post a speedrun of the event
    -build something in the style of the event
    are pretty much universal :)
  9. yes
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