Empire Minecraft Tekkit Server

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  1. Tekkit is a ModPack for Minecraft.
    A Lot of Peaple play with this ModPack (I'm One).
    It's nice to Play Online with Friend and I imagine... ''Lot of Peaple + Tekkit ModPack + :) = EmpireMinecraft''.
    I know lot of peaple like mods and other don't like but it will attract new players making Empire Minecraft more Famous.

    Think about that and sorry for English (I'm Brazilian).
  2. So what is the point of this thread?

  3. There has been a billion threads about this.

    I guess the answer is still no.
  4. Wait for it....

    This has been suggested and its going to be a big fat, NO
  5. Sorry but Tekkit sucks.
  6. I remembered you making a thread about starting a Tekkit server? Or wasn't it you?
  7. *It was :rolleyes:*
  8. Yes but don't I have the right to change my opinion?
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  9. In China you wouldn't.
  10. Yeah, you have, I liked playing with my My Little Pony too, when I was 3, so that is good. =)
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  11. Off-topic, but when I was 3 I wanted a barbie doll and my parents bought me it. I resent my 3 year-old self.
  12. he has a FTB server, which is a nuked map with laggg all over the place :)
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  13. I saw the Tekkit title and I was like...

    This thread will be about;
    A guy asking for Tekkit Minecraft and it will have 100000 comments of people saying NO! :D

    I guess I'm psychic..
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  14. I don't really think a server like EMC would support tekkit since they don't give credits to modmakers :)

    And I think you got the answer already. Sorry to say but this is how your question gets answered on EMC

    PS. I think a Feed the beast server would make EMC MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE popular. But with feed the beast or tekkit there is mods there allows you to do MASSIVE distruction which would mess up the server. Oh and yea it takes alot of time to really make feed the beast or tekkit "good" to have on a server because you need to remove ALOOT of stuff there can do alooooot of damage. :)
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  15. Actually they aren't nukes it's the result of thaumcraft
  16. Just like me =)
  17. And you are dumb enough to believe that =p I know the story behind those huge craters, you dont! XD
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  18. Maybe i'm the story behind them craters....
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