Empire minecraft Seed?

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  1. hey i know the Empire minecraft Seed has not been given out but i was wondering why and was wondering if the Seed could be given?
  2. No, the seeds will not be given out for various reasons. Will let others stipulate about those reasons.
  3. i can only think of it because people would find temples dungeons etc.
  4. There's some reasons :) It would be unfair for other players that do not have access to similar tools. Additionally does not match with the vanilla style for Wilderness play.
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  5. i was wondering because i wana use the slime finder thingy to make a slime farm
  6. lets people to see things that arent meant to be seen and do things that arent meant to be done. no seed has ever been given and your answer is no.
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  7. I may work out a deal to give the seed of the town world out though! :)
  8. part of the fun of building a slime farm is finding a nice spot for it. find some friends in town who might want to help out and go out exploring.

    and not sure of the rules regarding this but there are some seemingly abandoned slime farms out there that could probably use some cleaning up and repairing. might look into that too, would save a lot of work and provide a community service.
  9. I actually know a way to use the Live Map and Paint to accurately locate every stronghold in the world. I don't even need the seed for the world.
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  10. haha! xD what would be the point of that?
  11. Huh? You should tell us more about that, I really don't know how that could be done!
  12. lol xD
  13. They put this Like Button.png here for a reason.
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  14. What does that mean? Seeds have been part of Vanilla for quite a while :p
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  15. Yeah, but when you know the seed, you can load up modded single player Minecraft, load the correct seed and find all gems using something like xray. Then go back to vanilla EMC and use the knowledge you got from non-vanilla playing with the same seed to find everything you want.
  16. He said that in a post before he said stuff about Wilderness play.
  17. Hmm...I see the point in not giving out the world seed to ensure the real survival experience. But this argument sounds very much like the one for the approved mods, which I never really understood. For the mods, if I understand correctly, the idea is: The mod should not give an advantage over other players that don't use this mod. Now, most of the approved mods give an advantage let it be the in-game map, additional HUD or better controls. The same applies to EMC-inspector or shop keeper.
    In short, I fully agree with EMC's world seed and mod policies, but the argument it should be fair and no one can have an advantage I just don't understand.
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  18. No idea how to argue it clearly actually. They just are not something we will be releasing. That is a firm answer.
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  19. Once again... That would be an unfair advantage. There are some people out there that cannot/don't want to use slime chunk finders, and even then would be giving you the ability to make money a lot easier than it should be.
  20. Make a slime farm in a swamp.