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    Many players across the Empire have outposts in the Frontier. Some are very small and basic, just for the owner and a few friends. Others can be massive, with builds larger than most player’s dreams, that show the hard work and dedication of the builder. However, the majority of these outposts are unknown and never seen by other players. Today I want to help these players share their outpost, while still keeping thelocation a secret. I will begin writing regularly on the forums about players’ Frontier outposts across the entire server, sharing both their history and pictures of the amazing builds.

    If you want a tour of your outpost shared, sign up here! I will come out and you can give me a first hand tour of your outpost while I make notes and take pictures!

    Note: No personal information will be shared without your (the outpost owner’s) permission. Any information that you don’t want shared, including the SMP the outpost is located on and even your name, can be kept secret. (I will never share the coordinates of these outposts with anyone under any circumstances).
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  2. Here is the first Empire Minecraft Outpost Tour! (This is my first one, so feedback would be appreciated. This is a growing project, so there will be changes over time to how I do these.)

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  4. Awesome! Better save my spot here then ;)
  5. I need to get some stuff worth showing, then I'll talk to you JD :)
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  6. I'm no leader of an outpost, but ElfinCarrot's Underhelm would be great here. If he allows it that is. I should really head back there today.
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  7. Bump! Been some time since I bumped this, I have been a bit busy these past couple of weeks. However, I am still hoping to do these! Let me know if you want to showcase your outpost to the rest of the Empire!
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  8. Mmm. Maybe Hyrule?
  9. If anyone has pics or remembers how to get to Erose City, this would be the perfect place to put them :)
  10. Fill out this quick form (also linked to in the first post), and we can do one. The form is really short and simple, and just for my records.

    I know there are a lot of older outposts on EMC that would be awesome to have documented and shared so that players can easily learn about them. If anyone knows of any, send me a PM on the forums. I will see what I can do about doing a tour of them. :D

    Also, if you have any constructive criticism of my outpost tour (the current one and any future ones), please send me a PM on the forums. I am not a graphic designer nor a professional tour guidebook author. Thus, I do not know everything and always welcome tips and help from the EMC community. This project is for you, so I want to make these tours the best they can be!