Empire Minecraft News: February 2016

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  1. I'm one of the people who strongly dislikes the hearts. Even raised, they're still extremely annoying and a huge part of why I enjoy events a lot less during February. Everyone's shooting a Cupid's Bow and all the hearts are very annoying.

    So I tested that theory, and... it didn't really work.

    Even with all animations and particles set of off/minimal, the hearts still appeared. Is there any way to disable them further?
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  2. Question: What are these referrals that are mentioned?
  3. where do we see the star wars biulds?
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  4. referal data? what even is referal?
  5. Congrats to the winners and thanks to all who participated in the contest. I't things like this that make EMC great. My eyes love to look at builds and this place is great for that.
  6. Such a shock, OmegadustMC has won once again, not too long until he can build a house out of them
  7. I Went On The Share The Love Event Thing On Feb. 3 I Got No Valentine Box Nothing I Can Clearly See Now That You Probs. Don't Care About All The Members I Mean If Your Gonna Let People Get Something Maybe You Should Let EVERYONE Get Something Seriously
  8. capitalising every word makes me just not read anything you have to say.
  9. ^The above has now been sorted in the main event thread, just a little understanding in names.
  10. Congrats to all the winners! And yeah, what Corq showed us in his previews looks plain out amazing, I can see how he managed to win this one :)
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  11. What are Clickiness and Referral ?
  12. Players advertise the server using a banner in their signature. People can click the banner to learn more about EMC, which benefits the server, and maybe even you if you get enough clicks. Referrals are just as it sounds, referring someone to EMC and the website via the same method.
  13. Aw, thanks, Shel. :) Actually, here's a few more screenshots I took at the same time, in case you're interested:

    There's a bed in each of the small rebel ships, and you can make it look like you're piloting them. :p
  14. First time I haven't seen my name in referrals for a while but that's due to those site changes...

    So, any word on the new referral guide/tips perhaps? I'll need to know where is best to go next :)
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  15. Thanks Krysyy. Grats to the winners. :)
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  16. Congrats to the winners. I really want to see them all. Anyone know where I can see them?
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  17. The people in the list seem to be getting by with either their own website and/or Facebook sharing. For now, that seems to be really useful.
  18. Sweet Star Wars build pics, congrats to the winners!
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  19. 100% Agreed. Its just annoying with people shooting Love hearts at you then laughing. Its not funny, its just annoying. . . Then you get all the people telling you' ooh ur in love 'or something like that. any Settings in which you can disable those?? Other than the one penguin said that didnt work. . .
  20. Thanks for the reply, I am sure they are doing quite well, but some people don't know what websites to go to now that the old site cannot be used? Even if it wasn't a guide and it was just a list of sites that would be good to use to refer from for the Empire then that would be very helpful and much appreciated. Thanks!