Empire Minecraft News: February 2016

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  1. Referral Contest Winners
    Most Clicks (receive Referral Blocks of Clickyness)
    1st: OmegaDustMC
    2nd: brbear
    3rd: Olaf_C

    Most referrals (Receive Supporter Vouchers)
    1st: Olaf_C
    Tie for 2nd (gold): DarlingCruel and pterojackdyl

    Spread the Love: Cupid Bows Improvements
    As you may have noticed, the Cupid's Bow has received some awesome improvements for this year's Valentine's Day. Therefore, it is easier than ever to Spread the Love all over the Empire ( and not just smp8 :p). Bows will update to the new infinite version with the first fire.

    Get yours today with /promo cupidbow
    And get some more arrows with /promo cupidarrow

    Note: If you don't enjoy the heart graphics, then please go into your minecraft video settings and set your particles to minimal. That should remove them.

    Share the Love: Valentine Event Ending MONDAY afternoon

    I am SOOO happy with how this event turned out. If you didn't get yourself a box in time, then feel free to manually exchange gifts with other players, but for those of you that did sign up for a box successfully, don't forget to check what is inside.

    I love how many players took the time to give to everyone so no one felt left out. You truly did share the love this valentine's day and you can betcha we might see something like this in the future, maybe for Christmas presents :D

    V-day boxes are up at /v love on smp8

    Star Wars Build Contest Winners
    Yes, the judges are done grading, re-grading, googling, comparing, etc.
    Original thread: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/contest-star-wars-builds.58882/

    The winners are as follows. I'll let them share pictures of their submissions:
    1st: Uber_Corq
    Judges Notes:
    • Inventive use of space.
    • A tad disorienting, but congrats on thinking outside the box, while remaining inside the box.
    • I love that I can lay down and fly my own ship!
    2nd: Roslyn
    Judges Notes:
    • Great terra-forming skills
    • While you chose a typical build, you added some awesome detailing that set it above others.
    • Use of space was excellent
    3rd: Luckygreenbird
    Judges Notes:
    • Pixel art takes time and taking something abstract like you did to make it look right must have taken a lot of time.
    • I'm glad you didn't build just another ship and you thought about something outside the normal movies.
    • Looks awesome. Would not want that thing coming at me.
    Stream Team: Under New Management
    The amazing hamster known as JackBiggin is taking over (finally). Just as we did with the contribution team and the build team, we are looking forward to seeing this reboot of the team lead to some AWESOME stuff (no pressure Jack). In all seriousness though, we purposefully waited for JackBiggin for this position and he's already proving to be a great choice.

    Official promotion post: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/the-stream-team-is-under-new-management.62158/
    Application info: streamapp.emc.gs

    Social Media
    We've been taking time to update our Social Media and get things like event announcements, etc going through there. If you haven't already, subscribe/follow us to stay up to date on everything going on and not miss out on our events.

    Facebook: fb.emc.gs
    Twitter: t.emc.gs

    See you in MARCH!!!!
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  2. Thanks Krysyy! Congrats to the winners! :)
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  3. Thanks Krysyy =)
  4. Olaf has like 3 years worth of supporter vouchers by now.. he wins every single time. lol
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  5. Seeing some new faces in the referral data. He better watch out =P
  6. Congrats to the winners
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  7. Congrats to the winners and thanks to Krysyy. You're the cat's meow!
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  8. Yay!

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  9. congrats all
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  10. Lets see the build! :D
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  11. I don't actually have access to it to take new screenshots (it's on Stage :oops:), but here's what I showed on the other thread:

    I'd really like to see the entries of everyone else who submitted a build, if they're willing. :)
  12. Woo! Congratz Uber Corq, Luckygreenbird and all who else participated in the Star Wars contest! Cannot wait to see your guy's builds when links are released!
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  13. If you'd like I can get permission to world download that region , crop it and get a downloadable area for people to see :)
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  14. Congrats to the Winners!!
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  15. Oh yeah, you're on Build Team, so you could go see it! Well, if you have the ability/permission to do that, then I'm not gonna stop you. :)

    Where did you build yours - is there a way to see it too?
  16. Links aren't released yet but mine is a mediafire submission, so I guess I can grab a link and prematurely release it here but as for your build, neither Simon/Krysyy is here so I'd have to wait on that or it'd be even better if one of them can directly WD it and link it without the middleman :p

    edit: http://www.mediafire.com/download/tkjjafkeubxw6v0/Star_Wars_Submission.zip
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  17. Congrats to all the winners! :)
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  18. Grats to the Winners!! :D
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