Empire minecraft is illuminati Confirmed... :O

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is emc illuminati confermed

yes 4 vote(s) 28.6%
yes 1 vote(s) 7.1%
no, see my post below 9 vote(s) 64.3%
  1. Well well well.... it has come down to this...

    Please note: If you find a math error, or an error in my logic shoot me a PM

    Lets get this party started like your minds will be blown...

    Empire minecraft has 15 letters Aikar is the head owner of Empire minecraft 15-5 is 10

    Kryssy is A Co-owner/Admin Kryssy has 6 letters in her name 10-6=4, E is the first letter of Empire minecraft 4+1=5, Aikar also has 5 letters in his name...

    Fishy... Yes indeed! But if we add all the numbers said, it equals 77 7-7 is o 77/0 is ggytrhjgffdnhssfQQFS

    We humans cant divide by Zero, is the Illuminati hiding something to trick us?


    The Illuminati has 10 letters EMC has 3 10-3 is 7 aikar has 5 letters 7-5=3


    Empire minecraft is Illuminati confirmed...

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  2. Wut?
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  3. I found the OP oh so ridiculously funny ofc.
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  4. :p yes :p
  5. Faulty logic.
  6. ... You have 2 Ms but 1 X. 2+1 = 3 :p
    Are you illuminati?
  7. megmewX is a name which consists of 3 parts: meg, mew and X. And there are, as mentioned by the OP, 3 sides to a triangle. The OP also trying to apply fuzzy logic. I think this is all done in order to divert our attention away from the obvious: they are watching us! :eek:

    If you'll excuse me, I need to fold a new tinfoil paper head. You won't be able to tap into my brains, mwua ha h aha!
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  8. No... what are you talking about *Puts spy equipment away* :rolleyes:
  9. 1.) What does the OP mean

    2.) I need a tinfoil hat too... :p
  10. Original poster.
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  11. Thanks :>
  12. 7-5=2 not 3 ;-;
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  13. Can't even do basic math right...

    Your whole theory is now disproven. get rekt m8
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  14. ; - ;

    Why do i even try to make a FEW ohh and ahh's here!
    Might as well say, "Oh my ideas suck butt :b"
  15. The atomic number of Aluminum is 13, which is also its numerical value.
    A = 1, L = 12
    1+12 = 13

    The numerical value of AUDI is 35
    1 + 21 + 4 + 9 = 35

    Together, they give a value of 48.

    Audi produces a model called the A8.
    In hexidecimal, "A8" equals a value of 168.
    168 / 48 = 3

    Aluminum Audi confirmed.

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  16. Liked because Audi.

    EDIT: Crappy internet made my like not be registered. Oops. Fixed.
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  17. It's slightly less amusing if you realize the A8 is in fact made largely of aluminum (weight-savings to offset the heavier all-wheel-drive), and Audi hasn't made any secret of that. :rolleyes:
  18. I'm dying.