Empire Interview #5 - Mrlegitislegit

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  1. Welcome to Empire Weekly's #5 interview!
    If you want to be interviewed too, go here: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/empire-weekly-interviews-discussion-board.12094/

    Today, Mrlegitislegit is with us to be interviewed:

    -Chas: Hello legit!
    -Legit: Ello! :)
    -Chas: Ok, I'm going to ask you some q's:
    Do you have any brothers/sisters/real-life friends that play in EMC?
    -Legit: Did, Brandop123, but he got banned.
    -Chas: Are you good working with redstone?
    -Legit: That's a funny joke... *NO*
    -Chas: What is your favourite season of the year?
    -Legit: Winter, as we always go on vacation.
    -Chas: What are your favourite videogames?
    -Legit: Minecraft, the sims, Civ 5, Mario
    -Chas: Are you a member of the Last Light Outpost?
    -Chas: Define the word "Equinoxed" ;)
    -Legit: A word that means you got owned by Equinox_boss.
    -Chas: How was your worst death?
    -Legit: I was gathering glowstone in the nether, got shot of my pillar by a ghast, and lost all my stuff.
    -Chas: What's your favourite Gemstone? (IRL)
    -Legit: DIAMOND!
    -Chas: What's your favourite book?
    -Legit: Don't really have one.
    -Chas: Do you have any pets?
    -Legit: I have my brother.
    -Chas: Do you like sports?
    -legit: Sort-of
    -Chas: What will you do in the future?
    -Legit: Don't really know, still in school, so I guess go to the next grade. :p
    -Chas: In your profile, says: "I sell propane and propane items." What does that mean?
    -Legit: It doesn't really mean anything. When I played roblox, I saw a profile that said that, so I just took it from there.
    -Chas: In what area of the Last Light Outpost do you live?
    -Legit: I have around 3 houses in the LLO, one on the west side, one in the desert, and one in a underground city.
    -Chas: Do you play roblox?
    -Legit: Used to.
    -Chas: Do you like RPG games?
    -Legit: Somewhat.
    -Chas: Oh ok, how did you got your name?
    -Legit: Back when I played Roblox, my username was Cds0199, and my alt was Mrlegitislegit. I made a Minecraft called Cds0199, but I never bought it, and forgot the password, so I just made a new one, called Mrlegitislegit, and bought it.
    -Chas: Anything more that you would like to say?
    -Legit: If you are losing a argument on the internet, start correcting their grammar.
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  2. Its finally out! :D

    Also, please note that this was done a few months ago, so some of this might be outdated. :)
  3. Oops. Accidentally hit dislike as well. :/
    I meant like.
  4. Holy crap a few months ago?
  5. can you interview me next?
  6. Chas - Do you have any pets?
    Legit - I have my brother.

    I lol'd.
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  7. there is a LOT of people before you, but you can wait and I'll interview you.