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Would you like to be interviewed?

Yes! 36 vote(s) 94.7%
No. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Maybe... 2 vote(s) 5.3%
  1. Here's Chascarrillo with some exciting news! :)
    -What's Empire Weekly?
    -What are Empire Weekly Interviews?
    Some Active/Well known members of the community (Since they frequent the forums more often) are going to be interviewed for Empire Weekly in the next few months. This is a Empire Weekly related enterprise (Click the link above to know more about Empire Weekly).
    I'll create a thread with all the interviews each week. First week begins the next Tuesday, so if you want to be interviewed, reply to this thread and soon you will receive a PM with the questions ;)
    -What's the point of this?
    Know each other better, and promote your projects!

    List of players that want to be interviewed for Empire Weekly:
  2. I wanna be interviewed :D
  3. I up for being interviewed.
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  4. We both are :D, im at holiday atm so you do first week?
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  5. That is fine with me.
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  6. thanks for that :D, mobile internet will die if i do a video etc i can only use forums atm no emc minecraft :(
  7. what is the interview like?
  8. yeah i thought that
  9. I will be interviewed.
  10. Oh this could be fun, sign me up :)
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  11. 1.- BobTheTomato9798
    2.- Nfell2009
    3.- Mrlegitislegit
    4.- Kells18
  12. I'd appreciate it if I can get into week two.
  13. by the looks of it unless they make no. 5 week then you cant get in as the people i posted:
    They are the people that asked first but if they make week 5 then i will try to swap with Mrlegitislegit for week 3 then you can have my week 2 unless i change my mind, no promosis
  14. Oh, I thought those were days. Oops!
  15. lol could be days more interest, we would need most of EMC
  16. Sorry guys I was on a trip :)
    Edit: Everything updated and ready! I'm working on the questions ;)
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  17. Different questions for each member
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  18. Amazing! Nice idea when i get home from my holiday i can do a video? or text :p
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  19. Ill be interveiwed xD
  20. Reserved slot for #2 Week, don't worry.
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