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  1. Official Thread for Empire Weekly

    First Edition of Empire Weekly is out!
    All Empire Weekly stuff will be posted on my youtube channel and here.
    Subscribe to my Youtube channel to stay tuned to Empire Weekly.

    Reporters Needed: PM if you would like to be a reporter for Empire Weekly

    Commercial Slots:

    I have decided to start a weekly show that comes out Mondays.
    The first edition It will come out June 25th or July 2nd.
    It will be about what happened that week on EMC
    Such as:
    Any updates
    New features
    Top 5 Residences Contest w/ prizes
    Fun things
    Funny Things caught on tape
    Empire News

    To pay for the Prizes I will offer 2 commercial slots.
    The first one is in the beginning of the video right after the intro for 1,750r
    and the second one before the Fun things for 1,050r
    I will record the commercial and edit it if you want because I know some people don't have the best computers and I don't right know but i'm getting a new computer.
    Most of the prize money will come from my EMC wallet .

    If you think you Residence is awesome and cool or you are interested in a commercial slot for your store email me at:


    Please note this will be a non-profit show and I will give all commercial slot rupees to the winners of the week.

    Also if anyone is interested in making an intro for Empire Weekly that would be awesome and you would get 5 free commercial slots and 3,000r
    For the intro i was thinking an intro like the one EmpireMineCast has but with Empire Being gold and then under Empire there be a Weekly in Iron Blocks.
    Also if you do the intro can you make like a 5,4,3,2, and 1 filled with gold/iron blocks for the countdown for the top 5 residences. Thank you soooooo much for reading.
    When you finish the intro can you send it to me at Jeanzl2000@gmail.com

    When the first edition comes out I will make another forum thread for it.
  2. It sounds fun, I might be able to help out with Empire news, I'm online a lot.
  3. sounds cool! unfortunately i have no way to contribute (aside from viewing it) as none of my lots have shops, and my big project isnt done yet. :(
  4. I would like the 1.75k commercial spot, please. Contact me in a PM to find out what I would like :)
  5. Do you have any way of recording footage in a seconds notice?
  6. You can always donate to the show as I'm building the studio for the show in Utopia and I need blocks.
  7. This sounds cool wish you the best!
  8. Other than screen caps, not really, but I can always look for something to record with.
  9. Finished the Logo for the show.
    Awesome right?


    Otherwise, its very pretty. Good job. :)
  11. love the logo i would be happy to help :D i got SMP 4 Covered!
  12. thank you I used gimp to make it. It was so hard but you know what. I will try to add PIGGEHS to it when i get some time to.
  13. You dot have too, it was a joke. :p
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  14. got a transparrent version of it? so i can make a video entry for it
  15. It's great.
  16. I know it was but i like turning jokes and typos into reality. I used to have a Mod grinder in my res. :p
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  17. mod grinder?
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  18. Just had some time. practiced puttin people in the logo. Here is my first try:

  19. I love this idea. :D

    Just awesome.