Empire Information Tower

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  1. Empire Information Tower
    Hello everyone :) I recently started building this on my third residence, and figured I should start a thread to explain a bit about what it is and to gather feedback.

    What: The Empire Information Tower is a residence dedicated to providing useful information to all players of the Empire. It could be used as an easy way to gain knowledge of EMC outside of the tutorial, or even to help players that are returning to EMC after a break.

    Why: Not every player is active on the forums, or willing to look through the wiki for information that may help them. The Empire Information Tower would provide assistance to new players by answering questions such as "How do I get started?" There will also be a section on useful commands, extending past the ones that players learn in the tutorial.

    Where: Located on SMP3 at /v +info or /v +it.

    The Empire Information Tower is currently a work in progress. Updates will be posted on this thread. Feel free to ask questions or provide suggestions on what should be in the tower. :)

    Thank you so much! :)
    Novakenny - Supplies
    jewel_king - Supplies
    luckycordel - Rupees
    crystaldragon13 - Supplies
  2. I am currently working on the first level. Here is a view of what the outside looks like so far. :)
  3. Awesome idea moops!
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  4. Moople with the great idea! I really like the building! Make sure to put a waffle stand inside :p :)
  5. Sounds like a fun project!
    Creating the building is important, but don't forget that while doing that you could already make plans on what information to include and where to put it! It would be nice if you don't have to tear down signs because it doesn't fit, or the information isn't organised properly on further consideration. ;)
    Are you going to use signs, by the way, or buttons? Or is there another way?
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  6. I do have some plans on what information I'll be putting in and how it's going to be arranged. I will be using signs, buttons, and slabs that people can step on to tell them information, depending on what the information is and where it is located. :)
  7. Looks great so far - what a wonderful service :)
  8. Very Cool Moops! :D
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  9. I had told a bunch of people about two years ago that I was going to do an "extension" to the tutorial. basically this. never happened but good to see that it will be around soon :D
  10. Here's some pics from today :)
    This is the inside view of the first floor. When players visit the residence, a teleport sign leading to the new player section is directly in front of them. The bottom floor features information about the staff team and the community teams (contribution, build, stream).
    This is the second floor of the tower. This is the area that will be dedicated to answering common new player questions, and explaining important aspects of EMC.
    This is how the outside of the tower currently looks. There's a lot more to do, but it's moving along well so far. :)
  11. Wow that’s amazing,
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  12. I have started putting in signs on the first two floors. Originally, I wanted the signs to be different colors depending on the section; however, a couple of players have had issues reading the signs, due to the colors showing up differently for them. To solve this problem, I am changing the signs back to the normal black. It won't be as pretty, but it should be easier for all players to read.

    Here's a small update on one of the sections on the new player floor:

    When this area is complete, players will be able to step on raised areas or push buttons to receive more information through a message in the chat. :)

    Very big thank you to crystaldragon13 and Novakenny for their donations. :D
  13. Having fielded many questions from brand new players, this is a great.

    What supplies do you need, so we can help you help us all?
  14. Oh my, So that's what this was! I'm so sorry for not asking Moople, especially since I was there earlier this same night!

    I think it's quite a lovely build that you have an I cannot wait to see it completed. :)
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  15. Good call on making the text black! Signs in Minecraft aren't the easiest to read anyway. ;)
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  16. I see your having fun with this amazing project! Looks great!
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  17. Today I have been working on setting stuff up on the bottom floor. These are a couple of screenshots from the EMC team section:

  18. It's been a while since I've bumped this. I have made a little bit of progress, but I have mostly been working on other things lately. I hope to finish more soon! If anybody wants to check it out and give suggestions, that would be very welcome. Just note that a lot of what I have isn't final yet. :)
  19. It looks incredible! It's so nice you're spending your time to make this for other players! :DD
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  20. Gonna check it out :DD
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