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  1. Hey guys. So Im getting cash money from somewhere, And I want to buy a new Gaming PC. (>implying my current is built for gaming)
    Here is one thing though, It needs to be under $600. I tried on PCpartpicker, But I failed so many times, the lowest I could get was $800. >> I prefer AMD, btw.
    Post anything you can do to help Snake with the Fancy 'Stache and Santa hat out! :)
    i really dont care if power supply is modular or not. amd is best. 8gb of ram is good, 16 is way too much for me. prefer a 1tb 3.5 inch desktop hdd.
  2. Well... I may be able to piece together a $600 dollar computer. Are you needing all the peripherals too? Keyboard, monitor, mouse ect?
  3. Newegg.com, Try there.
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  4. newegg has a lot of DIY kits, that you order the whole thing together, and it comes in parts that you get to put together. Hardest thing is finding ones with monitors, keyboards and mouses with it.
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  5. It would be better to build you own desktop, but last time I had a thread like this 2 people went crazy on it, so I had to close it down, you'll know who it is and what i'm talking about.
  6. $583 without an OS. Ubuntu and Linux are free to use.

    yes there are always cheaper options, but I like to stick to good name brands.
    yes there are power supplies that are cheaper, but it's good to have enough watts.

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139026 $39.99 - $19.99 after rebate...

    edit: you could also go with a cheaper GPU.
    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814487157&cm_re=gtx_950-_-14-487-157-_-Product $159.99 after rebate

    final edit : if I was going to build another pc with AMD I would choose these parts, except for the cheap case. I'd go with something better, but aesthetics are always important to me.
    so after everything final price after rebates is $481, enough to get Windows OS
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  7. I got them already, Razer Naga 2014, and a Razer Deathadder. Got Logitech headphones too.
    Small EDIT: I got a monitor too.
  8. That pc combo doesn't include a needed GPU.
  9. We need xHaro_Der here... :p
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  10. Yeah...
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  11. He actually knows stuff...
  12. Hopefully this attracts him here lol
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  13. Like I don't know?
  14. I took like 15 minutes to make that list and I don't see a point posting on here anymore.
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  15. *just a random thought* If your country has a reasonable second hand online shop, I highly recommend getting most/all of your parts from there. You can then get much more performance, while still spending the same amount. :) (source: me lol. I bought some of my pc parts second hand, which resulted in me getting a much better PC than I otherwise would've been able to get :))
  16. And Todd Doesn't?, You Obviously don't know him to well, When He posted a Great list for a PC Build, That Is under $600, And Has pretty much the best parts you can get for under $600. Not just 1 Person Knows everything about PC's.
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  17. Can the community no longer have a civil discussion without starting a flame war? I've been here (on another account) for more than 1500 days and I have seen the community go through a lot, but honestly, we can't talk about computers without flaming? For crying out loud, please, stop.

    On topic - I am no professional with AMD computers, so I'd have to do my research on a nice build for below 600$. I know of many Intel builds that can run games reasonable fast with good graphics settings for below 600$, but no AMD builds. I will reply later. :)
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  18. I've been summoned. I shall make a PCPartPicker shortly..
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