Empire Groups Part 2: Perk & XP Sharing!

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  1. Grouping with friends in close proximity now will give bonus XP and automatically share between everyone in a group. This requires everyone being close to the leader. This can be toggled with "/group xpshare". Only the leader can decide if the sharing is on or off and it's either on for the entire group or it's off for the entire group.

    Grouping with friends in close proximity will also give perks based on what the group is doing. If you mine a lot, you will gain Dig Speed (Haste) buff. Attacking a lot gives attack bonus and defense bonus. The longer you are together, the better the buffs can be, and the more "active" you are at a task the better the benefits will be.

    We won't go into all the details, as we saw the fun the community had by "learning" and having fun finding how it all works, so we'll let you fill this thread up with your findings. One hint we will give is to experiment with team sizes. ;)

    You can use "/group score" to see the stats that will help you figure things out. :)
  2. Extra exp? awesome!

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  3. Sweet, thanks.
  4. What about us with no friends. :(
    Only joking, great update
  5. Too slow :p
  6. I know a certain cluster of SMP4 folks who are going to LOVE this... ;D
  7. This sounds awesome! :D
  8. Yay!
  9. Yeeehaw keep them updates coming loving all of this
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  11. Ya i was ninjad by like 3 people
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  13. Awesome, Empire just keeps getting better and better :D
  14. I like this idea. It needs more pie though.
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