Empire Firework: New Years Release

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by Krysyy, Jan 16, 2021.

  1. Empire Firework Release!

    We couldn't let 2021 really start without a firework to commemorate the occasion. 2020 wasn't quite done messing with Krysyy...so we're releasing a little late, but here it is for your collection!

    You can now claim the newest edition of the Empire Firework with /promo 2021 or you can buy it in the Empire Shopworld for 20,210 rupees.

    *Note: The firework is SUPPOSED to have the 2020 year in order to continue the format of the rest of the collection from years past..
  2. And special shout out to the devs for some fancy new item coloring I have access to =)
  3. Nice... now the fire rate limit should be removed. :p
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  4. And so it begins . . . :confused:
  5. Firework colors look great.
  6. Ooh... I thought I was really late to claim this promo, and hoped it would still be available... apparently it was released late instead. :p That's fine, I don't expect many people to have had to mourn about that! :)
    I enjoyed it! :)
    I noticed that we can't spam fireworks anymore, and that fireworks explode upon impact. I guess the former is a change done by EMC, and the latter one from Mojang. ;)
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