[EMPIRE] Community Empire -True Haven - SMP7

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  1. Heya Kiku! Refer to the OP for information on joining the Discord group - I will invite you to the Pm but it will be going away soon.
  2. Looking for something to do after halloween event? Try an outpost with a bunch of active members :)
  3. can i be part of jinsue also lol
  4. Sign me up~!
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  5. ermm you will have to get with Check for that one lol
    But would you like to be a part of True Haven?
  6. yes definitly lol
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  7. Excellent - Join the Discord asap :)
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  8. Interested in joining an Empire? :)
  9. Actually, yeah :)
    I'm really busy with school right now, but I'd like to check out something like this. I may use one of my alts though haha

    I'll see about joining the discord tomorrow. I won't be able to log in-game till Friday at the earliest however, because I have a midterm and work tomorrow.
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  10. Thus far we have many different levels of activity, so come out when you can and contribute what you are able. Either way, so far this has been a great experience. :)
  11. This looks fun, count me in.
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  12. Zan, join the discord in the OP as soon as you can :)
  13. I'll join and help build anything <3
  14. Welcome! Please join the discord in the OP when you are able thanks! :)
    I see that you are already in the discord, nice lol
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  15. I recommend everyone to join
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  16. I'm up to join this community outpost.
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  17. I wish to join [EMPIRE] Community Empire -True Haven - SMP7
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  18. Youre in!! Join the discord in the OP as soon as you are able :)
  19. If you are looking for something to do over the holidays, or you are a new or returning member to EMC, or even a long-term veteran, come join True Haven - An EMC Community Empire/Outpost!
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  20. have we decided on a financial Guild yet?