[EMPIRE] Community Empire -True Haven - SMP7

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  1. Is this a wilderness/survival group, or creative mode? I'm only really interested in frontier/survival style playthroughs
  2. Yes it's a Wilderness/survival!
  3. Cool! How do I find you guys? I wouldn't mind running a farm or a mine, but I'm not a fan of doing large, imaginative building projects. I don't mind building walls, though; and I'm a big fan of castle builds
  4. I'm also not that big into the whole redstone/automated farming thing. Kind of a traditionalist.
  5. I might pop in at some point
  6. I'd like to join - I checked it out and walked around a bit. big scare opening a door to find two creepers!! A quick run away so nothing blew up, whew! Who has plans on what you guys want to build, etc. Also maybe a list of things built? Thanks.
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  7. I will send you a pm when I get to my computer. :)
  8. Greetings from True Haven! The outpost open to all comers new and old! Work is underway now to expand with the construction of new farms and supply stations. New member recruitment to commence soon. If you are interested in keeping Toade & JD's dream alive post here, or shoot me a PM!

    If you are a builder or survivalist, we have zones for Medieval, Feudal Japan, Sky City, Roman, Egyptian, Modern, Atlantis, ... looking to grow for all the community...
  9. I have an alt out there for many moons and i don't know what section he's in.
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  10. Probably the Alt section...lol
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  11. True Haven is progressing and looking for new members! Come join us!

    Looking for new projects to be constructed (by new or existing members)
    Farms under way. Iron Farm wanted!