Empire Brothers TV | Coming to EMC in 2016 |

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  1. Millionaire in a Month - An Empire Brothers TV Series

    Let us know what you want to see us stream, record, and giveaway on EMC!

    Team Red UHC Champions Commercial

    Video Schedules

    11/8/2015 - Exploring /fun! and Sunday Voice Log

    11/10/2015 - Random Rupee Giveaway (100k)

    11/12/2015 - Day 1 Tutorial
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  2. That would be awesome! Would love to see this ♡

    As far as the what... Maybe the secret to how you're rolling in the Rupees lol :p
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  3. Maybe :rolleyes:
  4. Awesome, cant wait to see
  5. Tutorial videos that aren't boring and are thorough and helpful :)
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  6. Oh and maybe like day 1 on emc where to go what to do with your lot. Or something. ..
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  7. Tutorials are first on our list.
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  8. Videos will come out before then, but we will have all of our needed equipment, graphics, etc. by 2016.
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  9. Sounds cool man, will be sure to check it out in the future :)
  10. As for what to do...

    Tutorials from step 1.
    How to be protected in wild and your home (Considerations when giving perms, etc)
    How to earn money
    How to run a shop

    You could also do challenges like.. Making 1 million rupees in 1 month starting from 0. No donations, no voting, no rupee bonus login. Only going to the wild, buying/selling things, etc.
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  11. I love the 1 Mil in 1 Month idea, will have to consider that. Do it in like a series, like days/episodes.
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  12. It's a nice idea, I believe someone had done it a year or two ago. It was pretty fun.

    He didn't do videos out of it though, he had a thread with pictures and update balance and all.
  13. Maybe do something like challenges and such. Perhaps trying to kill a momentus in the wild with like, a wooden sword and a few other people. Or do something where you record SMP8 for a day because we all know that would be interesting ;)
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  14. May I suggest something like you build some one a mall, and see how much profit it makes? I don't know, but its like you build something to invest money in; see how it does then if it fails to get lets say 100k, you must give that goal to a random player with random.org using the first 100 comments. If it does get to 100k or more you get to keep the money. Just a random suggestion. :D
  15. Instead of starting with 0 rupees, how about a wilderness adventure starting with absolutely nothing?
  16. How about a goofy 1 episode thing, like how it should have ended YouTube video for EMC but along the lines of the Dragon tombs lore. Or a player finding all those Easter eggs for the lore?
  17. Day 2 suggestion :p

    How about you doing each event/attraction at /fun? Like. The mazes, roller-coaster, archery range and so on.
  18. I haven't be to /fun in about a year, will consider it.
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